Augusto Guerra vierailee Flamassa tämän viikon lauantaina 13. helmikuuta!

Hip Hop -workshop (avoin taso)
Aika: la 13.2.2021 klo 13:00–15:00.
Paikka: Tanssistudio Flama, Linnankatu 84, 20100 Turku
Hinta: 20 €
Varaa paikkasi workshopille ostamalla se verkkokaupastamme tai jos haluat maksaa workshopin esimerkiksi jollan tyky-edulla, ilmoittaudu mukaan lähettämällä sähköpostia osoitteeseen [email protected].

Augusto Rodrigues, nicknamed Guerra, is a Brazilian Artist, Black Music Dj, Researcher and Teacher of Street Dance. He is now living in Helsinki.

Guerra started his career in Brazil in 2004, and he has dedicated himself to Hip Hop Dance ever since, dancing in different groups, dance collectives and Brazilian festivals and competitions. When he lived in Brazil, Augusto Guerra was a member of a professional urban dance company called Cia Fusion, in which he helped with choreographies and danced in seven different shows. With Cia Fusion, Guerra had many different tours mainly in Brazil, France and Belgium.

Augusto Guerra conquered several podiums in several of the most important battles and festivals of Urban Dances in Brazil. He is specially known for his freestyle and hip hop battle skills.