August Guerra will be visiting Flama on Saturday, the 13th of February !

Hip hop Workshop (oven level)
Time: Saturday, the 13th of February 2021 at
Place: Dance Studio Flama, Linnankatu 84, 20100 Turku
Price: 20 €

Sign up for the workshop by purchasing at our webshop or by sending an email to


Augusto Rodrigues, nicknamed Guerra, is a Brazilian Artist, Black Music Dj, Researcher and Teacher of Street Dance. He is now living in Helsinki. Guerra started his career in Brazil in 2004, and he has dedicated himself to Hip Hop Dance ever since, dancing in different groups, dance collectives and Brazilian festivals and competitions.

When he lived in Brazil, Augusto Guerra was a member of a professional urban dance company called Cia Fusion, in which he helped with choreographies and danced in seven different shows. With Cia Fusion, Guerra had many different tours mainly in Brazil, France and Belgium. Augusto Guerra conquered several podiums in several of the most important battles and festivals of Urban Dances in Brazil. He is specially known for his freestyle and hip hop battle skills.

Elina Valtonen, our beloved visiting dance artist and teacher, will have her dance workshops at Flama on Saturday, the 2nd of January!

Schedule on Saturday, the 2nd of January 2021
12:00–13:30 Reggaeton, beginners (90 min)
13:45–15:15 Reggaeton, intermediate level (90 min)

The price of a 90 min workshop is 20 €. Both of these workshops are already full but by sending an email to, you can be notified about possible cancellation places.

Reggaeton is a genre of music and dance originating from Panama, Puerto Rico, and Cuba and it is nowadays the most popular dance style in South and Mid America, especially among the youth. Reggaeton is characterized by strong dynamic fluctuations, polyrhythm, and playing with isolation.

Elina has worked as a dance artist in ten different countries. Most recently, she worked for one and a half years in an Afro-Caribbean contemporary dance company in Canada. Alongside North America, she has also been able to tour the Caribbean. As a result, multiculturalism is one of the greatest sources of her inspiration and Elina loves holistic, sweaty, and animal dance. Her passion is to combine Afro and Western body movements.
Elina is, in her own words, “passionate about sharing the liberating message of the dance that directs us towards the truth”.

More information:

Anna Tolppa’s Reggaeton Workshop for Beginners at Flama on Tuesday, the 15th of December 2020 at 17:00–18:30 (90min)
This workshop is especially meant for those who do not have any previous experience in reggaeton.
The course is held at Dance Studio Flama (Linnankatu 84, Turku).
Price: 20 €
Sign up for the workshop by purchasing it at our webshop.
If you want to pay for the workshop with a sport or cultural benefit (Smartum, Tyky, Edenred, ePass, Eazybreak), please sign up by sending an email to
Attention! We do not refund the money if you cannot come to the workshop. In case of illness, you can get a gift card to our studio with the amount of the workshop when providing a valid medical certificate.
Reggaeton is the hot dance of Latin nightclubs and streets, and it has been influenced by different dance styles, such as hip hop, dancehall reggae and the Caribbean and South American traditional dances, for example Afro dances. Reggaeton is characterized by strong dynamic fluctuations, polyrhythms, and playing with chest and hip isolation in particular. Both strong accents and soft sensual movements are present and they alternate.
The workshop is instructed by the founder of Dance Studio Flama, Anna Tolppa. Anna has danced reggaeton for ten years.

Japs BG will visit Turku on Sunday, the 13th of September! Authentic, energetic, quality dancehall teaching that you don´t want to miss!

Time: Sunday, the 13th of September at 12:30–14:30 (90 min)
Price: 26 €
Sign up for the workshop by purchasing it from our webshop.

Japs is a talented and unique dancer who started dancing at an early age. He is known for his incredible creativity and style. He thinks that the most important thing in dancing is having fun and being your authentic self. While many dancehall dancers are remixing each other steps, Japs always brings his own twist to dancehall. He creates steps very easily, no matter if it’s practicing at his home or walking on the street. His body naturally flows with the rhythm of the music.

Japs has been performing and teaching dancehall for years. He is one of the dancehall teachers in Dance Jamaica dance school and also teaches private classes. He has been performing in many schools, parties and local shows, such as Magnum Kings and
Queens of Dancehall and Jamaica’s biggest award show The YVAs. He was a semifinalist in KFC on the Verge competition alongside his crew members Koolaz and Damion.

Tomorrow on Sunday, we will have Asvage’s amazing Twerk and Afrobeats workshops. There are still places for both of the workshops, so welcome to join us tomorrow.

Schedule for Sunday, August 23
11.30–13.00 Twerk, open level (90 min)
13.15–14.45 Afrobeats, open level (90 min)

Teacher: Asvage aka Sikujua Mponda

Register for the workshops by purchasing them at our webshop:
Twerk 20 €
Afrobeats 20 €

You can also pay for the workshops at the studio by card, cash or for example with sport and cultural benefits, such as Smartum, Eazybreak, ePass or Edenred. You can sign up in advance by sending an email to

To get more information about the workshops and Asvage, please send us an email to

A totally new yoga class, first workshop in Finland!

Cardio-intensive yoga workout brings together a variation of different movements, including traditional yoga exercises, tribal-inspired dancing and plyometric exercises.

When: Saturday 19th of January, from 3 pm to 4.15 pm
Place: Dance Studio Flama, Linnankatu 84, Turku
Price: 15 €
Instructor: Anna Jussila

Register for the course by sending us an email:

Would you like to learn to dance hot and speedy reggaeton? This workshop is particularly meant for beginners who does not have any previous experience in reggaeton. The course will be held on Sunday, the 20th of January from 12.00 to 13.30 at Dance Studio Flama, Linnankatu 84, Turku.
Price: 17 €

Purchase the course from Flama´s webshop:

Reggaeton is the hot dance of Latin nightclubs, and it has been influenced by different dance styles, such as hip hop, dancehall reggae and the Caribbean and South American traditional dances, for example Afro dances. Reggaeton is characterized by strong dynamic fluctuations, polyrhythms and playing with chest and hip isolation in particular. Both strong accents and soft sensual movements are present and they alternate.

On Saturday, the 12th of January, Flama will be all about the booty shaking! The teacher of the classes is Meri Niemi.

There will be two energetic classes on offer:

At 11.00–12.30 Bootylicious! – twerk techniques, no choreo (1,5 hours) SOLD OUT
Bootylicious is a class filled with shaking, jiggle, thrusting and throwing the hip and bounce. The class concentrates on different techniques of booty shaking without any choreography. Full speed from the beginning to the end, great sweat guaranteed!

This Bootylicious! – twerk techniques class is sold out. Reserve your place in the queue at

At 12.45–13.45 TWERK choreo (1 hour)
The class is built around learning a fun choreography that does not leave anyone cold! The choreo includes many basic techniques.

Both classes are on the beginner level, so you do not need any previous twerk experience to be able to participate!

Prices and registration:

– Only choreo workshop (1h): 15 € > purchase from here:

Bring knee pads or for example leg warmers with you to protect your knees. The classes are meant for over 15-year-olds.

If you have any questions email to

Lovely Donna Suomi will come to Dance Studio Flama again in December. Afro House and Kuduro Intensive Course at on Sunday, the 2nd of December!

11:15–12:30 Afro House / Kuduro – Steps and Basic Movements (90 min)
12:45–14:00 Afro House / Kuduro – Choreography (90 min)

You don’t need any prior experience of these dance forms in order to attend the classes.

Register for the course beforehand by sending an email to

1 class (75 min): 17 €
2 classes (2 x 75 min): 30 €

Kuduro is an energetic street dance developed in Angola in the 1980s and new movements arouse each day. Its fast tempo music combines traditional African percussions and more western type of house and techno elements. The dance comprises typically of fast movements of the feet and the dancing position definitely ensures a great butt and thigh workout. Also acrobatic movements are common in kuduro.

Afro House was born in 1990s in South Africa and nowadays it is danced all around the continent. In Afro House, several dance styles, such as bantsula, afrobeat and house, are combined. Afro House is danced differently in different parts of Africa and that is why there are several different styles to dance it, especially when some traditional dances are also often combined. Afro House is slower and more “restful” than Kuduro.

Donna Suomi is a dance teacher and instructor from Helsinki, and she can be called as Finland’s pioneer of Afro House/Kuduro. Donna has graduated from Haaga-Helia University Sport and Leisure management 2010 and she has been instructing regularly ever since. Donna is an ex-track and field athlete, and she was active in that sport for 11 years. Since 2006, she has been coaching in track and field and she started instructing dance in 2010. Her first touch on Kuduro and Afro House was in 2011 in Finland and in January 2016 Donna started to teach Kuduro and Afro House in weekly classes and workshops in Helsinki. Thanks to her long experience of instructing, Donna will find the way to teach the steps so that everyone can follow.

Joulukuussa saamme upean Monse Villarroelin vierailulle Turkuun! Twerkin hallitseva suomenmestari tulee pitämään Flamaan kaksi loistavaa tiiviskurssituntia lauantaina 8. joulukuuta.

Aikataulu la 8.12.
13.00–14.30 Twerk Freestyle / akrobatia, avoin taso
14.45–16.15 Twerk Choreo, keskitaso

25€ / 90 min workshop
40€ / 2 x 90 min workshops

Lunasta paikkasi tiiviskurssille ostamalla tuotteet nettikaupastamme. Paikkoja rajoitetusta, joten toimi nopeasti!

Twerk Freestyle / akrobatia:
Twerk Choreo:
Twerk Freestyle / akrobatia + Twerk Choreo:

Twerk Freestyle / akrobatia
Tällä tunnilla päästään irrottelemaan ja kokeilemaan omia rajoja twerkin, improvisaation ja akrobatian parissa. Tunnilla yhdistellään eri tanssilajeja ja -tekniikoita, kuunnellaan omaa kehoa ja tutkiskellaan liikkeiden lähtökohtia. Näillä työkaluilla pyritään löytämään ja kehittämään omaa tanssityyliä ja jos intoa löytyy, tunnilla voidaan tehdä myös twerk freestyle battlejä. Lopputunnista pääsemme kokeilemaan erilaisia akrobatiaharjoituksia, joita yhdistelemme twerkkiin. Tavoitteena on jatkuva, sulava liike, ilman suurempia taukoja. Tällä tunnilla tarvitaan polvisuojat, joten pakkaa omasi tai vaihtoehtoisesti säärystimet mukaasi.

Twerk Choreo
Tällä tunnilla pääsemme eteenpäin musikaalisuudessa ja työstämme Monsen kehittämää tekniikkaa, joka sisältää muutamia uusia liikkeitä. Tunnin lopussa teemme koregrafian, jossa yhdistellään ensimmäiseltä tunnilta tuttuja harjoitteita. Luvassa siis haastavaa tekniikkaa ja akrobatiaa. Tällekin tunnille tarvitaan polvisuojat, joten pakkaa omasi tai vaihtoehtoisesti säärystimet mukaasi. Kaikki, jotka haluavat haastaa itsensä, ovat tervetulleita tunnille!

Monse Villarroel
Monse on 22-vuotias tanssija, joka opiskelee Kuopion ammattikorkeakoulussa tanssinopettajaksi. Monse aloitti tanssimisen varsinaisesti 16-vuotiaana, jolloin hän innostui dancehallista Eve ‘JaMami’n vieraillessa ensimmäistä kertaa Vaasassa. Innostus ja rakkaus erilaisiin street-lajeihin, kuten commercial danceen, reggaetoniin, street freestyleen ja twerkkiin, sai tuolloin alkunsa. Monse voitti vuonna 2016 twerkin SM-kisat, Pro Twerk -kisan sekä Reggaeton-kisan. Tämän ansioista hän on päässyt matkustamaan ympäri Suomea ja pitämään workshoppeja sekä tanssikeikkoja yksin ja Baddes Dolls -ryhmänsä kanssa. Tällä hetkellä Monse kehittelee jazzin, nykytanssin sekä baletin tekniikoita. Monse voitti vuoden 2018 twerkin SM-kisat, joten hän on hallitseva suomenmestari ja myös ainut kaksinkertainen suomenmestari twerkissä. Ensi vuonna 2019 hän lähtee kisaamaan maailmanmestaruudesta Madridiin. Monse tykkää jakaan kaiken oppimansa ja nähdä tanssijoiden kehittyvän ja tekevän kovaa työtä. Hän kehoittaa tanssijoita laittamaan silmät kiinni ja nauttimaan musiikista. Tanssia ja musiikkia rakastava Monse innostaa ja haluaa inspiroida kaikkia saavuttamaan unelmansa.