Instructions and Rules

You can sign up for our drop-in classes through our reservation system or by sending an email to [email protected]. Sign up for the courses and workshops by purchasing them from our web store or by sending an email to [email protected] If the class is not full, you can also join without pre-registration. However, we always recommend a reservation because then we can send information via email if there are any changes or cancellations, for instance.

If you have to cancel your drop-in class, you should do it at least 6 hours before the class starts. You can do it via our reservation system or by sending an email to [email protected] If you have to cancel your arrival to the class less than 6 hours before the class starts due to sudden illness, you can do so by sending an email to [email protected] For an uncancelled reservation (you do not show up and you do not notify us), we mark one time in your punch card as used when you come to dance with us next time. We hope that the cancellations are made as early as possible, so that those in the queue can be informed about available places in good time and as many as possible can participate in the classes.

Flama Linnankatu is entered from the side door on the Turku Castle side.

Sign up at the reception every time you arrive to the class. The reception opens 20 minutes before the first class starts and closes at the beginning of the last class of the day. Please come on time to the classes.

The duration of our drop-in class is 55 min. Please leave the dance hall quickly at the end of the class, so that the next group can enter the hall in time.

Our dressing rooms at Flama Linnankatu are located downstairs on the ground floor. The dressing rooms can be accessed via the stairs leading down from Flama’s front door. Unfortunately, there are no lockers in the dressing room downstairs, so you can take your valuables, such as your phone, keys and wallet, into the dance hall when you have your class in hall 2. When you go to hall 1, you can take all your belongings with you to the back of the dance hall where the lockers are. Please bring your outdoor shoes to the back of the dance hall as well to exit from there when the class ends.

The dance studio reserves the right for changes in schedules and instructors. In case of illness, we always try to find a substitute for the regular instructor of the class. We will notify you of cancellations by emails or SMS. Card payments are not refundable if the teacher changes during the season, for example due to illness. If the dance class needs to be cancelled, for example due to a small number of participants, the customers’ card payments will be refunded if the customers do not want to use their payments to access other dance classes.

Comfortable clothes that allow you to move freely are the most suitable choices for the classes. You can dance with dance sneakers, dance shoes with heels or bare feet. You are not allowed to use outdoor shoes during the classes. Bring a water bottle with you and remember to drink enough after the class. Please remember to put your mobile phone on silent for the classes.

Please avoid using strong perfumes during the classes. It is important to take care of personal hygiene. Please wash your hands before the class to prevent the spread of possible flu-like diseases, etc. Do not participate in the classes if you are sick.

If your illness lasts longer than a week, you can get an extension to the validity of your dance card for the time you have been ill. This is only possible if you can provide a medical certificate. We do not refund card payments, with the exception of injury/illness proven by a doctor’s certificate or if you move out of town.

When you are ill and you are not able to join the course session, please send us an email to [email protected]. We will mark a single class to our reservation system, so that you can replace the missed session with any of our drop-in classes.

The dance studio does not provide insurance for the dancers. Everyone is recommended to take a personal leisure time accident insurance. The teacher’s responsibility for the dancers only covers the dance session. Flama is not responsible for any items left in the dressing rooms.

Flama has the right to use photos and videos taken of the dancers in the shows on its social media and website.

eCommerce Payment Terms

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