In this listing you can see the most frequently asked questions. We update the list from time to time.

Yes you can. Basically all our solo classes are drop in classes, meaning that you can join any of them for the first time whenever you want to. Even though the same choreographies are usually done for 1–4 sessions in a row, depending on each instructor, the choreocraphy is practiced right from the beginning each time. That is why you can join for the first time any week, no matter if it is at the beginning, in the middle or at the end of the season. Just keep in mind that other dancers might have done the choreography before or danced for a longer time. However, all our beginners’ classes are suitable for those who do not have any prior dance experience. In other words, each day is the right day to start dancing.

You do not have to have any kind of dance background to join our beginners’ classes. Only in case of separate courses, such as couple dance classes, we recommend that you join the classes right at the beginning of the term.

Open level means that you can join the class even if you have not danced the particular dance style in question. Although the classes are open for everyone, we recommend the open classes to those who have some sort of dance background. If you have never danced before, join our beginners’ classes.

The classes described as intermediate or advanced are meant for those who have previous experiences of these specific dance styles.

If you are unsure about the level of the class, do not hesitate to contact us and ask for advice: [email protected]. The best way to find the most suitable level for you is to come and try different classes, since there are differences between each instructor’s classes.

All our solo dance lessons are so-called drop-in classes, i.e. you can also join them in the middle of the season or attend irregularly different classes in different weeks. Depending on the teacher, the same choreography is usually done 1–4 times, but the series is always completely reviewed, so it doesn’t hurt if you haven’t participated in previous times. Of course, as the season progresses, the same group often settles down for each lesson, but the idea is that it doesn’t matter if you can’t join every time. Especially at the beginning of the season, many people test different lessons, and the teachers take this into account. The only exception to this are couple classes, for example couple salsa and paribachata classes, where regular participation is almost necessary if you want to keep up, especially if you have not practiced the sport before. In addition, we have performing dance groups and, for example, Dancehall courses, for which there is a separate registration and a season fee.

This “drop-in” attitude is also reflected in our prices, i.e. we do not have separate course fees (except for some couple dance courses). So, for example, you can visit any of our weekly classes with the card 10 times. Workshops held on weekends have separate fees, i.e. series cards or Anytime cards do not work as a means of payment for them.

We recommend you to sign up for the classes in advance through Avoinna24 reservation system that you can find under “Reservations” tab on our website. Especially our most popular classes (such as twerk and reggaeton classes) as well as the classes held in Hall 2 are often full, so you might not fit in if you do not have a reservation. We recommend you to make reservations for all your classes because that is how we can reach you in case of changes or cancellations of the classes.

There is a separate way to sign up for the workshops and separate courses, meaning that you cannot sign up for them through our registration system. You can sign up either by sending an email to [email protected] or purchasing the workshops or courses from our webshop, depending on the course.


If you have to cancel your reservation, you can do it yourself still 6 hours before the class starts via Avoinna24 system or by sending an email to [email protected]. Attention! We hope that all the cancellations will be done either via Avoinna24 or via email, not for example as Instagram-direct messages or on Facebook. If you have to cancel your reservation less than 6 hours before the class takes place in case of a sudden illness, do it by sending an email to [email protected]. If you do not cancel your class on time (you do not show up and you have not informed us about it in advance), we will mark a time used in your punch card next time you come to dance with us.

Comfortable clothes that allow you to move freely are the most suitable choices for the classes.

You can dance with dance sneakers, dance shoes with heels, socks, or bare feet. During salsa, bachata, kizomba, semba, and heels classes, you can also use high heel dance shoes, whereas for reggaeton, hip hop, street, and twerk, we recommend you to use indoor sneakers.

During twerk, reggaeton, and Show Burlesque classes, you might want to use some knee pads or for example leg warmers to protect your knees. Please notice that you are not allowed to use outdoor shoes inside our studio!

Bring your own water bottle, comfortable sportswear and dancing shoes, if you wish. To twerk, reggaeton, and Show Burlesque classes, you might want to take some knee pads or leg warmers with you to protect your knees.

If you are coming to our yoga, pilates, FasciaMethod, Body Maintenance or stretching classes, please bring your own yoga mat with you.

You can purchase Flama’s punch cards, individual dance classes, and workshops either from our webshop or at our studio. When you purchase a punch card online, you will get it at the studio when you come to the class next time. You can make reservations before getting the actual card. Reservations do not require any membership or payments in advance.

If you have to cancel your registration on the same day, please inform us about it by sending an email to [email protected]. The classes can be canceled through our reservation system only until six hours before the class starts.

If you feel sick, please take your time to rest!

If you are sick longer than two weeks, you can extend the validity of your card only by providing a medical certificate. We will not refund your card payments, with the exception of a medical certificate proving an injury or moving to another locality.

We have some lockers on the back of our dance hall 1. Unfortunately, we do not have lockers for everyone. If all the lockers are in use or you have your class in Hall 2, you can always take your smallest valuables to the dance hall. However, we hope that you leave all the other belongings in the dressing rooms so that they do not take place in the dance hall. Our lockers are meant to be used only during the classes, so you are not allowed to leave your personal belongings there overnight.

We are not responsible for the items left in the lockers.

Yes, we have a shower located at our accessible toilet.

Anyone is welcome to dance with us, just the way you are. If you think that your illness might have an effect on your participation during the class, please contact our staff in advance. We are happy to help you.

Our punch cards are personal. You can only borrow your card to a friend or extend the validity of your card by showing a medical certificate. You should always contact us in advance in these situations.

Our classes are 55 minutes long. We ask you to come to the classes on time and stay until the end, but if you sometimes have to leave earlier, we ask you to inform the instructor about it before the class starts.

Yes, you can dance as a couple for the whole class. Although this is possible, we recommend you to take the advantage of changing partners since the experience of dancing with others tend to develop your dance skills even further! However, if you decide to dance only with your own partner, that is fine for us. Just let the instructor know about it at the beginning of the class.

We want to remind you of our important guidelines, so that dancing at Flama would be as safe as possible for everyone. Please read these instructions before coming to our dance studio.

The recommendation on the use of face masks is still valid in Southwest Finland and we recommend our dancers to use masks, especially in our changing rooms, waiting areas and couple classes.

Every dancer should take care of good hand hygiene and wash/disinfect their hands every time they enter and leave the studio. Hand disinfectants are available in all our premises.

Those who come to the classes in Hall 1: At the end of the class, the dance hall will be exited through the front door on Linnankatu. The outdoor shoes are taken to the dance hall and placed on the bottom of the hall. The dressing rooms, toilets and other facilities can be reached after the class by first going outside and then entering the studio again through our side door entrance. In this way, we can avoid that the groups of consecutive classes will not be in contact and the corridor leading to the dance hall will not get that crowded.
 Those who come to the classes in Hall 2: Please wait before the class starts preferably in the spacious dressing room downstairs until 10 past. This way we avoid overcrowding in the corridor upstairs.

The duration of each class is 55 minutes. Please leave the dance hall right after the class, so that the next group can enter the dance hall on time. The doors will be opened and the spaces ventilated between the classes. Please enter the dance hall only when the previous group has left the dance hall and the instructor has asked you to enter. Please avoid contact between the different groups.
 If there is a queue in the reception / lobby when you arrive at the studio, we recommend waiting a moment outside or going downstairs first to avoid overcrowding in the lobby. Please always keep a safe distance from other dancers in the waiting areas, if it is possible.

 We would like you to get ready for the class in advance by coming to the studio already in training clothes and with a filled water bottle, in order to avoid longer stays in the changing rooms and toilets.

 Please come to our studio only when you are completely healthy. Stay home if you have any symptoms of flu or you have any possibility of been exposed to flu or Covid 19 and apply for a corona test. If you are feeling sick or you have even the smallest flu symptoms, please cancel your class through our reservation system or by sending us an email to [email protected]. In case of illness, you can apply for an extension for the validity of your punch card.

 Flama is cleaned every day and in addition to normal cleaning, our staff regularly disinfects contact surfaces, such as door handles.

Thank you for your cooperation!