On Saturday, the 3rd of October we will dance at Flama with lovely Vilma Kivekäs!

Schedule for Saturday 3.10.2020
11.30–12.45 Show Dance, beginners (75 min)
12.45–14.00 Show Dance, intermediate (75 min)
14.15–15.30 Lyrical Dance, open level (75 min)

Teacher: Vilma Kivekäs

Register for the workshops by purchasing those from our webshop:
Show Dance, beginners, 15 €
Show Dance, intermediate 15 €
Lyrical Dance, open level, 15 €

If you want to pay for the workshop with Smartum, E-Pass or some other paying option, let us know about it in advance and sign up by sending an email to

More information about the classes:

Japs BG will visit Turku on Sunday, the 13th of September! Authentic, energetic, quality dancehall teaching that you don´t want to miss!

Time: Sunday, the 13th of September at 12:30–14:30 (90 min)
Price: 26 €
Sign up for the workshop by purchasing it from our webshop.

Japs is a talented and unique dancer who started dancing at an early age. He is known for his incredible creativity and style. He thinks that the most important thing in dancing is having fun and being your authentic self. While many dancehall dancers are remixing each other steps, Japs always brings his own twist to dancehall. He creates steps very easily, no matter if it’s practicing at his home or walking on the street. His body naturally flows with the rhythm of the music.

Japs has been performing and teaching dancehall for years. He is one of the dancehall teachers in Dance Jamaica dance school and also teaches private classes. He has been performing in many schools, parties and local shows, such as Magnum Kings and
Queens of Dancehall and Jamaica’s biggest award show The YVAs. He was a semifinalist in KFC on the Verge competition alongside his crew members Koolaz and Damion.

Couple Salsa for Beginners Intensive Course
Instructed by Anna Tolppa

Would you like to learn to dance couple salsa? This intensive course starts from the very basics, so you do not need any prior knowledge about salsa dancing. Anna is always instructing in English, when there are people who do not speak Finnish. Start a new great hobby and come and have fun with us!

During the course, you will get familiar with the basic steps of couple salsa, and we will practice rhythmics, some simple figures as well as techniques of both leading and following.

Time. Thursday 20.8.2020, from 6 pm to 8 pm (2 hours)
Place: Dance Studio Flama, Linnankatu 84
Price: 25 €
Teacher: Anna Tolppa

You can register for this course only if you have a dance partner to register with. If you would like to join the course and you don´t have you own partner, send us an email: and we will try to find you a partner to dance with during the course.

Register for the course by purchasing it at our webshop.

And yes, you don’t need to have had any previous dance experiences prior to this course.

Welcome to have fun and to learn some basics of couple salsa! 🙂

Liisa Laihia’s dance workshops at Flama on Sunday, the 2nd of August!

Schedule on Sunday, August 2
at 11.00-12.15 Dance technique , beginners (75 min)
at 12.15-13.30 Lyrical Dance, open level (75 min)
at 13.45-15.00 Jazz Dance, open level (75 min)

Register for the workshops by purchasing them at our webshop:
Dance technique , beginners 15 €
Lyrical Dance, open level, 15 €
Jazz Dance, open level, 15 €

If you want to pay for the workshop with Smartum, E-Pass or some other paying option, let us know about it in advance and sign up by sending an email to

More information about the classes:

On Sunday, the 26th of July, we will fill Flama with couple salsa again!

Schedule for Sunday, July 26
11.30–13.30 Cuban Couple Salsa, beginners (this workshop is suitable for those who have participated in the beginners’ couple salsa classes before and want to revise the basics. During the class, we will revise the basic elements and figures of couple salsa, such as enchufla, di le que si, sacala, setenta etc.)
13.15–14.45 Cuban Couple Salsa, advanced beginners
This class is meant for those who are already confident with the basics of couple salsa.

To sign up for these classes, you should register together with your own partner. Sign up by sending an email to and please tell with whom you will dance as a pair.

The workshops are held by the founder of Flama, Anna Tolppa.

1 workshop (1,5h): 17 € / person
You can pay for the classes at the studio by card, cash or for example with sport and cultural benefits, such as Smartum, Eazybreak, ePass or Edenred.

More information:

Twerk for Dummies, Twerk Workshop for Beginners

On Saturday, the 11th of July, Flama will be all about the booty shaking! The teacher of the workshop is Meri Niemi.

What: Twerk Workshop for Beginners
Where: Dance Studio Flama (Linnankatu 84, Turku)
When: Saturday, the 11th of July 2020, at 12.00–13.30 (90 min)
Price: 21 €

Register for the workshop by purchasing it at our webshop.

Twerk for Beginners is a workshop filled with shaking, jiggle, thrusting and throwing the hip and bounce. The class concentrates on different techniques of booty shaking and easy choreography. Full speed from the beginning to the end, great sweat guaranteed!

You do not need any previous twerk experience to be able to participate!

Bring knee pads or for example leg warmers with you to protect your knees. The classes are meant for over 16-year-olds.

If you have any questions email to

Dance has taken Meri all over the place: it all started with Loimaan Naisvoimistelijat and their annual spring performances and through both national and international basketball leagues, she finally made her way to Twerk Finnish National Championships. Meri has dance experience in show dance, hip hop, Cuban dances as well as some ballet but in recent years the love of her life has been twerk that is also nowadays her primary dance style. In twerk Meri is fascinated by its physicality, roughness and challenging techniques. According to her, the best thing in twerk is that it allows one to do an extremely hard workout and simultaneously praise one’s own body. In addition to twerk, Meri’s heart is also taken by Dancehall Queenstyle and Latin dances. However, you can find Meri in any dance classes, since her training policy says that different dance styles let one develop into a versatile dancer, and each dance style can provide something new to one’s own style.

As a teacher, Meri is a relaxed type, but she urges and encourages her students always to do their best. Her classes are filled with laughter and humor – not forgetting hard training. Meri thinks that the best thing in her classes is absolutely to see how people go beyond themselves and do something they could not even believed to be possible. Everyone can come to the classes just the way they are, regardless of the size of the butt.

At Flama, Meri works as a twerk teacher and dancesand leads in the dance studio’s Bouncy Crew.

Attention! Twerk classes are meant for over 16-year-olds.

On Saturday, the 22nd of February, we will dance with Anna Kuparinen at Flama in Turku!

Schedule for Saturday, February 22
11.30–13.00 Commercial Dance, intermediate level (90 min)
13.15–14.45 Reggaeton, intermediate level (90 min)

Register for the workshops by purchasing those from our webshop:
Commercial Dance, 18 €
Reggaeton, 18 €

Anna Kuparinen
Anna has a versatile dance background, since she started dancing with salsa and other Cuban dances but soon continued also with Urban dance styles, such as hip hop, reggaeton and commercial dance. Anna has danced in different dance groups both in Finland and in Australia, and she has studied and got inspiration from different countries (inter alia the USA, Australia, Japan and Germany).

In her own style, Anna combines different Urban street dance styles and often adds some Latin vibes into them. She finds the role of dynamics very important in dancing and she aims at teaching the difference between soft and sharp movements and how they can be combined in one’s own style of dancing. Anna is the choreographer of her own dance group Urban Breeze that has won inter alia silver in Glow dance competition in 2018 in adults’ Urban small group category and gold in Ladies Revolution 2018 dance competition in Barcelona.

More information:

Angola’s 2011 kizomba & semba champion Gabriel Cabinda will be visiting Turku on Sunday, the 29th of September! This is a unique chance to get to his classes in Turku, Finland! He will be teaching with Ida Koho, who has been teaching kizomba and semba at Flama before.

The schedule for Sunday, September 29 11.00–12.30 Semba, advanced beginners (if you have danced kizomba before, you can join this class) 12.30–14.00 Kizomba, intermediate

Register for the classes now by sending an email to Follower spots are full at the moment but leaders and pairs can still sign up for the courses.

Prices: 1 workshop (90 min): 20 € 2 workshops (3 hours): 35 €

The workshops are held in English.

Gabriel Cabinda

Gabriel Cabinda was born and raised in Angola. He started his semba and kizomba journey in 2005, when he joined the União Classico do Semba Dance school. He did well and ended up becoming a master teacher there from 2010 to 2011. In 2011, Gabriel participated in a big kizomba and semba competition in Angola. Out of more than 5.000 candidates, he got the first place as the winner of the event.Since he could not travel to Europe like other champions do, he focused on promoting kizomba in Angola.

In 2012, he and other colleagues organized the project Kizomba na rua. In the same year, he organized the first workshop of kizomba dance in Angola. He also created a dance group for orphans, which worked to help these children in need. In 2015, Gabriel went to South Africa with a scholarship from Fundo Soberano de Angola to study Hospitality Management. He stayed for 3 years. While there, he was teaching dance to all his colleagues and he was nominated as the minister of culture for the school, with the responsibility to create events for his colleagues.

In January 2018, he got back to Luanda where he started working as Night Auditor at Skyna Hotel Luanda. Currently he is still teaching semba & kizomba and organizing the projecto Kizomba na Rua again. This is a big event in Luanda, a unique place where you can dance kizomba and semba every Sunday night.

Ida Koho, a great dancer of Angolan dances from Turku, has earlier taught kizomba at Dance Studio Flama. She has worked as an assistant for several teachers and been trained by several international female dance teachers in Europe and in Angola. In addition to kizomba, Ida has also taught semba at Flama.

This Saturday, the 24th of August, Elina Valtonen will have her amazing workshops at Flama.

Schedule on Saturday, the 24th of August
11.00–12.30 Dance Technique, open level (90 min)
12.45–14.00 Sexy Reggaeton, intermediate level (75 min)
14.15–15.30 Caribbean Party, beginners / open level (75 min)

90 min workshop (Dance technique): 18 €
75 min workshop (Caribbean Party, Sexy Reggaeton): 15 €

– Purchase Dance Technique workshop from here:
– Purchase Sexy Reggaeton -workshop from here:
– Purchase Caribbean Party workshop from here:


Reggaeton is a genre of music and dance originating from Cuba and Puerto Rico and it is nowadays the most popular dance style in South and Mid America, especially among the youth. Reggaeton is characterized by strong dynamic fluctuations, polyrhythm and playing with isolation.

Caribbean Party Class offers a party in the Caribbean style! We will enjoy Caribbean music and body movements of soca, dancehall, salsa, reggaeton etc. We will turn the music on, set all the worries aside and just let the rhythm take us along. In the beginning of the class, we will mainly have series of steps straight to the music, after which we will create a longer choreography towards the end of the class. This class will certainly make you sweat!

Elina has worked as a dance artist in ten different countries. Most recently, she worked for one and a half years in an Afro-Caribbean contemporary dance company in Canada. Alongside North America, she has also been able to tour the Caribbean. As a result, multiculturalism is one of the greatest sources of her inspiration and Elina loves holistic, sweaty and animal dance. Her passion is to combine Afro and Western body movements.
Elina is, in her own words, “passionate about sharing the liberating message of the dance that directs us towards the truth”.

More information:

Anna is sick, so on Wednesday, the 21st of August, Bachata Ladies Style class at 17:15–18:15 and Salsa Solo, beginners class at 18:15–19:15 are instructed by Mirka Saali. Unfortunately our Couple Salsa, beginners at 19:15–20:15 and Couple Salsa, intermediate at 20:15–21:15 are exceptionally cancelled as well as Barre at 16:15–17:15. We apologize for these changes.

However, welcome to our Dance at the Castle Socials at 6 – 8 pm to dance couple salsa. We also have an intensive course, Back to Basics – Rehearse the Basics of Couple Salsa, at 4 pm – 6 pm and you can still sign up for that course either as a leader or together with your partner. Sign up by purchasing the course on our webshop.