Would you like to become more confident in dancing with heels? Join Pauliina’s Heels Technique course that starts on Sunday, the 15th of May. Our Heels Technique course is suitable for both beginners and those who have been dancing with heels for a longer time. This course is meant for everyone interested in strengthening their technique and gaining more confidence in dancing with heels.

Heels Technique Course (open level), on Sundays 15.5.–29.5.2021 at 17:45–19:00 (3 x 75 min)

The course is instructed by Pauliina Latva.

The course is held at Pikku-Flama (Eerikinkatu 38, 20100 Turku).

The course consists of three sessions of 75 minutes and costs 49 €.

Sign up for the course by purchasing it from our webshop.

Attention! This course is not included in our Spring 2022 Anytime!

If you want to pay for the course with a sport or cultural benefit (Smartum, Tyky, Edenred, ePass, Eazybreak), please register for the course by sending an email to [email protected].

We go through heels technique right from the very basics. You do not need to have any previous experience in Heels classes. During the course, we will not be working on a choreography. After this course, you will be able to walk and dance more confidently with heels and identify the basic elements of Heels technique. No particular choreography is done during this course.

Pauliina Latva
Pauliina is a dancer and a dance teacher who has graduated as a physiotherapist (The University of Applied Sciences). Pauliina has practised various dance styles, such as contemporary dance, show dance, hip hop, breakdance, acrobatics as well as salsa. Her strength is that she utilizes the techniques of different dance styles, regardless of the dance style in question. She spent her autumn 2016 in New York studying dance independently, in addition to which she has developed herself as a dancer through various courses and workshops both in Finland and abroad, for example in London, New York, and Los Angeles. Pauliina is also a Personal Trainer (TYA/South Africa).
As a teacher, Pauliina is inspiring and encouraging. Her dance classes are filled with versatile dance know-how and good feeling, and typically different dance styles are open-mindedly combined. Her classes teach you how to listen to the music and interpret it with your own body movements. “During my dance classes, I want to create an open and safe space where one can learn through experimentation and shared insights! My main job as a dance teacher is to motivate others to become interested in the versatility of their own bodies and the opportunities they create.”
More information about the course: [email protected]