Would you like to learn sensual kizomba and playful semba? We will organize beginners’ intensive courses of both of this dances on Sunday, the 25th of August at 11 am – 2 pm.

Schedule on Sunday, August 25 11.00–12.30 Kizomba, beginners (1,5 h) 12.30–14.00 Semba, beginners (1,5 h)

Sign up for the course in advance by sending an email to [email protected]. You can sign up alone or with your own pair, we will take of the balance.

PRICES: 1 workshop (1,5 h): 17 € 2 workshops (kizomba and semba, 3 h): 30 €

Attention! The registration is binding. You can cancel your registration for free of charge until 48 hours before the course takes place, after that only with medical certificate.

The courses are instructed by Carlos Camba and this time Anna, her dance partner, will be teaching with him.

CARLOS CAMBA Carlos Camba is from Angola and he has been teaching kizomba and semba in Finland since 2014. Carlos has studied dancing with several international dance teachers and developed his skills especially in Angola. During his classes, Carlos concentrates on developing basic techniques and body movements, especially the use of the hip. It is important to him that all the knowledge learnt during the classes can be applied to actual social dances.

Carlos finds it important to have a good relationship with his students. Humor blossoms in his classes. He highlights that everyone, who is motivated to learn, is warmly welcome to his classes.

KIZOMBA Kizomba music and dance were created in Angola in early 1980s when zouk, the popular music in the Caribbean, came to Angola and mixed with semba. Kizomba means a partyin Kimbundu language. In its country of origin, it is traditionally danced for example at weddings and at other parties. Kizomba is a social dance that is characterized by a close proximity and the lower body concentrated ginga, the body movement. Similar to tango, leading and following are done with the upper body and less with hands (compared to salsa). After its arrival in Europe, kizomba has developed into new styles, such as urbankizz and kizomba fusion.

SEMBA Semba is a fast-paced, fun couple dance. Semba has a long tradition in Angola, in its country of origin, and it has influenced other genres of music and dance, for example kizomba. The essential characteristics of semba include hooks, low liftings, the leader’s footwork and various tricks. At Dance Studio Flama, we start with the basics of semba and concentrate on the most important aspect: having fun!