Salla-Sofia Siniranta

Vaaleahiuksinen nainen hymyilee ja poseeraa kameralle. Henkilöllä on päässään punainen lippalakki. Kuvassa Salla-Sofia Siniranta.

Salla instructs Twerk and Commercial Dance classes. Salla has been dancing different dance styles from hip hop to contemporary dance for over twenty years. She has been actively involved in Turku’s dance group activities and she has also led her own group for several years. Nowadays, she dances in Flama’s twerk group, Bouncy Crew, and leads Flama’s dance group The Honeys. The most important things in Salla’s classes are a good feeling, to forget the hustle and bustle of everyday life, to enjoy the movement, and maybe also to overcome oneself! Salla strives to create a safe dance environment where everyone feels welcome. Come as you are.

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