Welcome to try Flama’s new Baby Latino class!
The classes are held on Mondays at 10.30–11.15 (the duration is 45 minutes).
The classes will be held weekly on Monday mornings until the end of the autumn season. The classes are instructed by Anna Tolppa.
Price: 10 € / class
Place: Dance Studio Flama, Linnankatu 84, 20100 Turku
Sign up for the classes through our reservation system.
During Baby Latino classes, we will dance and have fun together with babies! The class is meant for 3–12 months-old babies and their parents. You can participate in the class when the babies are able to hold their head up. Baby Latino is a shared dance moment between babies and their parents. Both babies and their parents can enjoy the movement and the rhythm together during these classes, and you will also get sweat and meet other people in the same life situation.
During the class, we will dance to happy Latin rhythms. We will dance with easy and cheerful movements and dance styles, such as salsa, bachata, merenque, cha-cha, and reggaeton. You can have the baby in your lap or for example in a baby carrier on front of your body. Please bring also your own blanket with you for your baby.
Questions: info@flama.fi

We will continue testing our online dance classes today on Friday, the 20th of March, here on Facebook. So click yourself in to our Live Stream and dance with us at home!

Schedule for today’s online classes:

17:00 Twerk Beginners Class with Meri (45 min)
18:15 Solo Salsa Beginners Class with Anna (45 min)

These classes are free of cost but if you want to support us you can voluntarily pay for the classes via our webshop. The price for a single class is 5 €. If you want to pay with Smartum Mobile or E-Pass or Edenred Mobile you can accomplish the payment at your home. Type Tanssistudio Flama to Search Field and enter the total of 5 €.

We are currently planning and improving our online classes so we would love to hear your ideas, wishes and opinions! Send your ideas or feedback to info@flama.fi or via Flama’s Facebook or Instagram!

Are you looking for a new hobby for your child? Flama’s classes for kids start tomorrow and the classes cost only 6 euros each (normal price 9 euros).  You can try it our or you can purchase the whole season for the price of 99 euros either online at our webshop or at the studio. The fee for the whole season covers 15 classes between the 4th of September and the 11th of December.

Kids’ dance classes are held weekly on Wednesdays in our second dance hall downstairs. 17:15–18:15 Kids’ Class for 3–5-year-olds 18:15–19:15 Kids’ Class for 6–8-year-olds

Register for the classes through our reservation system. If you buy the whole course, we will automatically sign you up for all those fifteen classes of the season, so you do not need to book anything separately.

What is the dance class like?

This is a dance class designed for kids. During the class, we will explore the world of dance inspired by games and stories. Most importantly, we will have fun as a group. The classes improve sense of rhythm, body control, flexibility, coordination and memory. The goal is to find the joy of dance and movement!

The classes are instructed by Ida Martikainen.

Ida is a present and gentle dance instructor who loves bodily expression. She has completed Basic Education in the Art of Dance between 2004–2013 in Jyväskylä Dance Institute, majoring in classical ballet and having contemporary dance, jazz dance and repertoire dance as her minors. In addition, she has been involved in several dance projects both as a dancer and as a choreographer. According to Ida, dancing is a journey to one’s own body and in the way to attach to a common space. She thinks that the most important element of the dance class is to stay present in the same place and time: the momentary synchronization and the common sense of the bodies. Through her teaching, Ida wants to get the dancers to feel their bodies powerful and bright.

Tomorrow on Sunday, the 25th of August, we will have the last park dances of this summer next to Turku Castle at 5 – 8 pm.

The last park class is pilates and the class for the beginners is held at 5 – 6 pm.

The price of the class is 5 euros and you can pay it by card, cash or for example with Smartum vouchers. The class is held by Sarianna Jakobsson, who will also teach pilates at Dance Studio Flama weekly on Mondays at 7.15 – 8.15 pm.

Pilates is a method of body conditioning created by Joseph Pilates. It is used to develop eg. optimal posture, to strengthen the middle body and to deepen breathing. The movements can be adapted to every fitness level, so the class is suitable for everyone. Bring your own pilates mat or a towel with you.

The location is on the harbour side of Turku Castle. Bus number 1 takes you just next to the castle.

You are warmly welcome!

More information: Anna Tolppa / Dance Studio Flama: anna@flama.fi 0442407272

Esner Robaina’s energetic Reggaeton & Street Salsa Workshops at Dance Studio Flama on Sunday, the 4th of August!

The schedule on Sunday, the 4th of August: 11.00–12.15 Reggaeton, intermediate 12.30–13.45 Salsa, intermediate

Prices: 1 workshop (75 min): 16 € 2 workshops: 30 €

More information and sign up for the classes in advance by sending an email to info@flama.fi.


Esner Robaina is a Cuban dancer and dance teacher who was grown up with dance and music right from the beginning. Esner has worked as a dancer for example in the dance groups called Los Timberos de Juanelo, Echú Alabbony and Compañia Folklorico JJ. Esner has been performing around Cuba and in other parts of Latin America. He has worked as a dance teacher borth in Havanna and in Finland for many years. Esner is an energetic and compelling teacher whose classes are filled with the joy of dance and learning


Flama’s most popular classes seem to be fully booked, week after week, but there are quite a lot of last-minute booking cancellations or uncancelled reservations as well. So that as many people as possible could participate in our dance classes, we will introduce a new cancellation policy.

If you have to cancel your reservation, you can do it yourself 6 hours before the class starts at the latest via Avoinna24 system or by sending an email to info@flama.fi. Attention! We hope that all the cancellations will be done either via Avoinna24 or via email, not for example as Instagram-direct messages or via Facebook. If you have to cancel your reservation less than 6 hours before the class takes place, in case of a sudden illness, do it by sending an email to info@flama.fi.

If you do not cancel your class (you do not show up and you have not informed us about it in advance), we will mark a time used in your punch card next time you come to dance with us. With this policy, we hope to reduce the number of uncancelled reservations to make sure that all those willing to join will fit to the dance classes.

We’re open during the Winter Holidays. All classes will be held normally.

Warmly welcome! 

Unfortunately we have to cancel ConfiDance today on 13th of February due to Hannas illness.
Anna is still ill so we have to cancel Bachata Ladies Style on Saturday 16th of February.
Also some other changes:
– On Saturday 16th of February Salsa Solo class will be instructed by Mirka Saali.
We apologize for the changes.

On Saturday, the 26th of January, we will dance sensual bachata with Pinja and Rado at Dance Studio Flama.

11:00–12:00 Bachata Ladies’ Styling, solo class
12:15–13:45 Sensual Bachata 1 -couple class, intermediate
14:00–15:30 Sensual Bachata 2 -couple class, intermediate
15:45–16:45 Bachata Mens’ Styling, solo class

Ladies’ and Mens’ Styling classes will concentrate on the body movements, styling and musicality that are important aspects also while dancing with a pair. By taking this class, you can be sure that you will owe the dance floor.

Couple bachata classes will explain you why Sensual Bachata is so popular around the world. You will not only learn different figures but also the right technique to perform the movements and great tips for social dancing. This class is intermediate level class, so it is good to know the basics of bachata beforehand.

– Bachata Ladies’ Styling or Mens’ Styling (1 h): 15 €
– Sensual Bachata couple class (1,5 h): 25 €
– Both couple classes with package price: 40 €

SIGN UP for the classes by sending an email to info@flama.fi.
The registration is binding! You can cancel your registration for free, if you do it at least 48 hours before the class will take place. After that the cancellation is only possible in case of illness by showing a medical certificate.

Couple Salsa Beginners Intensive Course
Instructed by Anna Tolppa

Would you like to learn to dance couple salsa? This intensive course starts from the very basics, so you do not need any prior knowledge about salsa dancing. Anna is always instructing in English when there are people who don’t speak Finnish. Start a new great hobby and come and have fun with us!

During the course, you will get familiar with the basic steps of couple salsa and we will practice rhythmics, some simple figures as well as techniques of both leading and following.

11.30-13.30 Couple Salsa Beginners

Place: Dance Studio Flama, Linnankatu 84
Price: 25 / 20 € (students, seniors)

Register for the course by purchasing it from our webshop:
– normal price 25 e: https://flama.fi/tuote/parisalsan-alkeistiiviskurssi/
– students/seniors, discount: https://flama.fi/tuote/parisalsan-alkeistiiviskurssi-opisk/

You can sign up for the course with or without a pair. The principle of the class is to change the pair all the time, so that everyone gets to dance. However, if you want to dance only with your own pair, that is also possible. Just let the instructor know about this in the beginning of the course.

And yes, you don’t need to have had any previous dance experiences prior to this course.

Welcome to have fun and to learn some basics of couple salsa! 🙂