Unfortunately, the Regional State Administrative Agency of Southwestern Finland has today, the 14th of January, extended the closure of group sports facilities by two weeks. As a result, we are not able to start our dance season yet on the 16th of January. AVI’s new closure decision is valid until the 28th of January, so we have to postpone the start of Flama’s spring season again. Based on this, we will start our dance season on Saturday, the 29th of January.

Our dance season and the spring Anytime rights will be extended to the 17th of June. All the courses will be delayed, but each course will have the same number of classes as originally planned. We will update the new course schedules on our website as soon as possible. The validity of all our punch cards will be extended during the closing period. The introductory week will be held from the 31st of January to the 6th of February 2022.

New workshop cancellations:
– Ray Herrera’s workshops will be cancelled, and we hope to have him as our guest in Finland some other time
– Spring Afro-Latin Party on the 22nd of January will be postponed to the 9th of April
– Couple Salsa Workshop for Beginners on the 22nd of January will be cancelled, the participants can join the similar workshops on Saturday, the 26th of February, the 2nd of April or the 14th of May instead.

Questions and more information: www.flama.fi / [email protected]


Monday Courses:

– Mirka’s Chairlesque Courses: the 1st course: 31.1.–21.2., the 2nd course: 28.2.–21.3., the 3rd course: 28.3.–25.4. (no class on Monday, the 18th of April), the 4th course 2.5.–23.5. and the 5th course: 30.5.–13.6.
– Salla’s Twerk for Beginners: the 1st course (9 weeks): 31.1.–28.3. and the 2nd course (9 weeks): 4.4.–6.6. (no class on Monday, the 18th of April)

– Matias’ couple salsa courses, levels 4, 3 and 1: 31.1.–13.6. (no class on Monday, the 18th of April)

Tuesday Courses:

– Ida’s Dance Music Playschool Course 1: 1.2.–8.3. and Dance Music Playschool Course 2: 29.3.–10.5.

Effiina’s Commercial Dance (intermediate) Course: 1.2.–14.6.

Anna’s Salsa Solo Course for Beginners: 1.2.–15.3.
– The sessions of FasciaMethod Course during the closure are held online 

– Ida’s Stretching and Body Maintenance courses will have the same schedule

Anna’s Couple Salsa Course, level  1+: 1.2.–7.6.

Wednesday Courses:

– Eve’s Dancehall & Dancehall Queenstyle Courses: 2.2.–25.5.
– Pinja’s Bachata Ladies Style: the 1st course: 2.2.–30.3. and the 2nd course: 6.4.–1.6.
– Pinja’s Couple Bachata Courses, levels 1, 1+ and 2: 2.2.–1.6.

Thursday Courses: 

– Meri’s Twerk Course for Beginners: the 1st course: 3.2.–7.4. and the second course: 14.4.–9.6.

– Twerk with Heels Courses: the 1st course: 3.2.–17.3., the 2nd course: 24.3.–28.4. and the 3rd course: 5.5.–9.6.

Urban Kiz Foundations 1 Course: 3.2.–7.4.

Urban Kiz Foundations 2 Course: 14.4.–9.6.

Urban Kiz Foundations 3 Course: 3.2.–7.4.

Urban Kiz Intermediate Course : 14.4.–9.6.

Baby Yoga Course: 3.2.–10.3.

Sunday Courses:

– Ida’s Adult Ballet Beginners and Advanced Beginners Courses: 30.1.–12.6.

– Mirka’s Latin Ladies Style Courses: Cha cha: 30.1.–20.2.Ballroom Rumba: 27.2.–20.3., Samba: 27.3.–10.4. and Jive: 15.–29.5.

– Anna’s Couple Salsa Courses, levels 1, 1+ and 2: 30.1.–12.6.

– Vilma’s Lyrical Dance Courses: the 1st course: 30.1.–27.3. and the 2nd course: 3.4.–5.6.

– Vilma’s Broadway Courses: the 1st course: 30.1.–27.3. and the 2nd course: 3.4.–5.6.

Flama’s autumn schedule has over 80 different classes and courses each week, including several options for couple dancing. Would you like to learn how to dance Cuban salsa or sensual bachata? Or have you dreamt of knowing the basics of kizomba? This autumn you have the possibility to join our couple salsa, couple bachata and Urban kiz courses on different levels. The registration for the courses is already open, so sign up for the courses now!

In the autumn, all our couple dance classes are separate courses. This means that you sign up for the whole course by paying the course fee before the course starts. Matias’ couple salsa courses on Mondays and Anna’s couple salsa courses on Sundays last the entire autumn, while Pinja’s first couple bachata courses and Tuomas’ Urban Kiz course are seven weeks long. You can find all our couple dance courses for the autumn below:


On Sundays at Flama (Linnakatu 84) at 16:15–17:10 Couple Salsa 1* – Anna (full, queue: [email protected])

On Sundays at Flama (Linnakatu 84) at 17:15–18:10 Couple Salsa 1+* – Anna

On Sundays at Flama (Linnakatu 84) at 18:15–19:10 Couple Salsa 2* – Anna

On Mondays at Flama (Linnankatu 84) at 18:15–19:10 Couple Salsa 4* – Matias

On Mondays at Flama (Linnankatu 84) at 19:15–20:10 Couple Salsa 3* – Matias

On Mondays at Flama (Linnankatu 84) at 20:15–21:10 Couple Salsa 2* – Matias

On Tuesdays at Pikku-Flama (Eerikinkatu 38) at 19:45–21:00 Couple Salsa, beginners (September 9–December 7)* – Anna



On Wednesdays at Pikku-Flama (Eerikinkatu 38) at 18:15–19:10 Couple Bachata, beginners (September 1–October 13)* – Pinja

On Wednesdays at Pikku-Flama (Eerikinkatu 38) at 20:15–21:10 Couple Bachata, intermediate (September 1–October 13)* – Pinja / Couple Bachata, intermediate (October 27–December 8)* – Pinja



On Thursdays at Pikku-Flama (Eerikinkatu 38) at 19:15 Urban Kiz, foundations (September 2–October 14)* – Tuomas


Leaders and pairs can sign up for all these courses directly by purchasing them from our webshop. The prices given on our webshop are per person, so remember to purchase two course items if you are registering together as a pair. Please provide the name of your possible dance partner as an additional comment in your order.

There will be optional continuous change of partners during the course. You can either dance with your own partner or you can both join the continuous change of partners.

If you are a follower but you do not have a partner to register with, please write us an email to [email protected] and we try to find you a dance partner.

If you want to pay for the course with a sport or cultural benefit (Smartum, Tyky, Edenred, ePass, Eazybreak), please register for the course by sending an email to [email protected].
Attention! With Flama’s Autumn 2021 Anytime Card, you can get to the courses without any additional fees. In that case, sign up for the courses by purchasing the Anytime card and sending your sign up by email: [email protected].

We will have such an incredible dance autumn together. Welcome to join our couple dance courses!


After a six-week break, we will reopen our studio next Monday, April 19!

However, some courses, such as Matias and Pinja’s salsa and bachata courses and Eve’s dancehall courses, will not yet continue in April, but in May. Information on the continuation of the courses will be sent to the participants by e-mail.

Register for the classes in advance through our reservation system.

Please cancel your reservation if you cannot make it to the class, so that someone else will get a chance to attend the class instead. You should do it at least six hours before the class starts.

We will continue to limit the number of participants in the classes to maintain safety distances. Please read our safety instructions before entering the studio.

– Wear a face mask in the public areas of the studio, such as the reception and changing rooms. If you wish, you can also use a face mask during exercise.
– Wash your hands and use hand sanitizer.
– Don’t come to the studio if you have the slightest symptom of the flu.

We have missed you. You are warmly welcomed to dance!

Unfortunately, our dance studio remains closed at least until the 18th of April 2021, due to the current corona situation. In other words, there are no classes at our studio for the moment. We will inform all our course participants about this separately via email. We are really sorry for these changes.

We will be constantly following the situation and the government’s latest restrictions. As soon as we know when we can continue our classes at the studio, we will inform you about it on our website and on social media.

Our dance season, all the courses and the Anytime right for those who have bought Spring 2021 Anytime card will be extended until the 5th of August 2021.
We hope to be able to continue our classes at the studio next week. Thank you for your support and for being part of Flama.

Further information and questions: [email protected]

Flama’s spring season starts on Monday, the 25th of January 2021. We will also start Matias’ and Anna’s couple salsa courses, Pinja’s couple bachata courses as well as Eve’s dancehall courses next week. Pauliina’s Heels intensive course and Juulia’s Musical Dance course start this week on Saturday. There are still a few places available for our Adult Ballet Course for Beginners, so you can still come and join us for this spring. If you are interested in joining any of our courses later, please send us an email to [email protected] to get further information.

We have reduced the maximum number of participants in all our classes. We hope that you will cancel your reservation as early as possible through our reservation system or by email if you are not able to come to the class. Cancellation must be made no later than 6 hours before the class starts.  

All our drop-in classes can be reserved through our reservation system. Please note that reservations made in the past are valid unless cancelled. Next week from the 25th of 31st of January, all our drop-in classes cost only 6 €/class. Our spring season continues until the 20th of June 2021. Thus, our Spring Anytime is valid from the 25th of January to the 20th of June 2021. All our punch cards bought after the 30th of June 2020 will be valid until the 31st of July 2021. Please note that we highly recommend you to use face masks at our studio.

Please take good care of your hand hygiene and read our safety instructions for Covid-19 on our website before coming to our studio. Thank you for your cooperation.

Questions and further information: [email protected]

See you soon at our studio!