The schedule for July (July 1–31) has now been published and you can find it on our webpage under the schedule for June. The schedule for August will be published later.

Sign up for all the classes through our reservation system or by sending an email to The amount of places for each class in July is still limited, so it is important to book each class in advance. If you have to cancel your reservation, you should do it at least six hours before the class starts through our reservation system or by sending an email to Otherwise, your card will be charged once, even if you do not come to the class. We hope that the cancellations are made as early as possible so that those in the queue get the information early enough to be able to attend the classes. 

The validity of all punch cards and Spring Anytime accesses will be automatically extended with those 2.5 months our studio was closed (March 13–May 31). The extended validity of your card will be updated to our electronic system when you come to the studio.

Matias‘ couple salsa and Pinja‘s couple bachata classes will not continue yet in July. We will only have solo classes in July. Our couple salsa and bachata courses will continue later so that the participants of the courses can replace all the missed sessions of the spring. Matias and Pinja will return to Flama at least in the autumn.

In addition to our weekly classes, we will dance outside in the park next to Turku Castle in our Dance at the Castle events on Tuesday and Sunday evenings. You can use our Summer Anytime cards as well as our punch cards to pay for those park classes.

To get more information about the summer classes, send us an email to