Meri has got the flue, so she is not able to come to instruct her classes tonight on Thursday, unfortunately. We will have great classes anyway, since Bouncy Crew‘s Emilia Söderholm will come to give her Twerk class at 19.15–20.15, and at 20.15–21.15 we will have exceptionally Hanna Heinonen’s ConfiDance class. We apologise for these changes, even though we will have awesome dance classes with these other teachers. See you later tonight!


ConfiDance is a fast-paced dance class during which different styles from Latin dance types to Belly dance, twerk dance and dancehall are used. The choreographies and step sequences are easy, with the aim of enjoying the movement and different rhythms. The class emphasizes attitude and feeling and encourages everyone to accept themselves as they are.


Hanna Heinonen is a personal trainer, trained masseur, occupational therapist as well as group exercise and FAF’s fascial instructor. Hanna found the joy of dance at the age of 14, when she started oriental dance. Ever since, she has trained many different kind of styles. During Hanna’s classes, the focus is on the joy, improvement of self-confidence and enjoying of one’s own body.

Hanna will also come to give a workshop at Dance Studio Flama in a month, on Sunday the 11th of November. There are still places available for this works, so sign up by sending an email to [email protected]. The event can be found over here, so let your friends know about the workshop too: