Satu and Roynet will visit Flama on Saturday, the 28th of August 2021!

Schedule for Saturday 28.8.2021
– 12:00–13:15
hall 1: Salsa Ladies Style, intermediate (Satu)
hall 2: Salsa Men’s Style, intermediate (Roynet), 75 min
– 13:30–14:45 Cuban Couple Salsa, intermediate level, 75 min, (Satu & Roynet)
– 14:45–16:00 Cuban Couple Salsa, advanced level, 75 min, (Satu & Roynet)

ATTENTION! There are still places for leaders and pairs for our couple salsa workshops but no more places for followers registering without their own partner. However, you can put yourself as a follower at the end of the queue by sending an email to

Leaders and pairs can reserve their places for the workshops by purchasing them from our webshop:

Salsa Ladies Style, intermediate (Satu) 16 €
Salsa Men’s Style, intermediate (Roynet) 16 €
Couple Salsa, advanced beginners/intermediate (Satu ja Roynet) 16 €
Couple Salsa, advanced (Satu ja Roynet) 16 €

If you want to pay for the workshop with sport or cultural benefits (Smartum, Edenred, E-passi, Eazybreak), sign up by sending an email to

More information about the workshops and the teachers:

Roynet Perez

Roynet comes from the birth place of salsa, Havanna in Cuba. His passion for dance ignited early on and his career as a dancer began in 2003. Roynet quickly became the champion of Cuban couple salsa both in Cuba and around the world. Roynet is still known in his home country by the nickname “Monarca del casino”. Roynet has won e.g. Cuban Salsa European Championships in 2010.


Satu Annika

Tampere-based dancer and dance teacher Satu has been dancing since she was a child. She started dancing with hip hop, later shifting to Latin dances. Satu’s heart beats hardest for salsa, and she actively develops her skills by training abroad and in Finland. Among other things, Satu was training salsa with the world-famous Cuban Yeni Molinet in Italy for a year and performed in her show group. Over the years, Satu has developed a strong dance technique with an elegant dance style.