Twerk For Beginners Workshop 27.5.2023 at 12.00-13.30

Vaaleahiuksinen nainen hymyilee ja poseeraa kameralle. Henkilöllä on päässään punainen lippalakki. Kuvassa Salla-Sofia Siniranta.

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Time: Saturday 27.5.2023 at 12.00-13.30

Level: Beginners

Place: Flama Linnankatu (Linnankatu 84, 20100 Turku)

Price: 20€

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This workshop starts right from the basics, so you do not need to have any previous dance experience at all to attend this workshop. The course is held by Salla Siniranta.

This is a workshop filled with shaking, jiggle, thrusting and throwing the hip and bounce. The workshop concentrates on different techniques of booty shaking and easy choreography. Full speed from the beginning to the end, great sweat guaranteed! You do not need any previous twerk experience to be able to participate!

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