Matias Löyttyniemi’s Rueda Workshops at Flama on Rueda Weekend from the 11th to the 12th of February 2023.

Ruskeahiuksinen parrakas mies hymyilee leveästi. Päällään keltaraitapaita. Kuvassa Matias Löyttyniemi.

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Matias Löyttyniemi will visit Flama with his rueda workshops on the 11th and the 12th of February 2023.

Rueda (rueda de casino) is a style of salsa where pairs of couple salsa dancers form a circle and the dance partners change constantly, even in the middle of dance figures.


SATURDAY, The 11th of February 2023

Rueda Foundations at 12:00–14:00 (2 h)

All you need about the basic figures of rueda, movement techniques and how to perceive rueda in general
We start it slowly, but we get to the full swing when we proceed. You should already know the basics of couple salsa, at least on the level 2

Rueda Flow Workshop at 14:15–16:15 (2 h)

More movement, more flow
We will go through the most important flow movements that help you to change the partner smoothly and rueda keeps on the move.
Previous experience in rueda dancing is necessary, for example the rueda foundations workshop

SUNDAY, the 12th of February 2023

Saloneo Special at 12:00–14:00 (2 h)

The most elegant of rueda movements, saloneo, is one of the most versatile figures in rueda. It sets the rueda off to a wonderful start, and it can be combined amazingly with many flow-inspired movements! We will go through the saloneo as well as a wide variety of different kinds of movements that can be combined with it. To attend this class, you should join at least one of our workshops from Saturday as well or you should have otherwise prior active rueda experience.

Free Rueda Session at 14:00–15:00 (1 h)

An hour of easy-going, social rueda dancing! Matias will play rueda-friendly salsa music and helps to get the rueda started. After that, the dance floor is free for rueda dancing, in a relaxed spirit of experimentation.

The rueda session is included when you purchase any of the workshops. If you only want to join the rueda session, it costs 10 €.

Place: Tanssistudio Flama (Linnankatu 84, 20100 Turku)

Teacher: Matias Löyttyniemi

Price: 28 € / person / workshop

Sign up by purchasing the workshops from our webshop:

Rueda Foundations, 28 €

Rueda Flow, 28 €

Saloneo Special, 28 €

Rueda Session, 10 €

If you want to pay with sport or cultural benefits (ePassi, Smartum, Eazybreak, Edenred etc.), please sign up by sending an email to [email protected].


Matias is a popular dance teacher who emphasizes the joy of dance and musical interpretation. He has taught dancing over ten years in different dance studios around Finland. As a dance teacher, he wants to make sure that people get the idea and the right technique of dancing, because that is only when dancing can be enjoyed in full swing! More information about Matias Löyttyniemi:

More information about the workshops:[email protected]

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