Ramon Silverio’s Workshops 20.8.2023

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The amazing Cuban dance teacher Ramón Silverio will visit Turku after many years of hiatus. He will visit Flama Linnankatu on Sunday, the 20th of August. Ramón has a deep knowledge of Afro-Cuban culture, religion, dances and music. In his unique classes, you do not just learn to dance but you get to dive deeper into Afro-Cuban culture.

Schedule for Sunday, the 20th of August 2023 (All the workshops are solo classes and they are suitable for intermediate salsa dancers.)
14:00–16:00 Bailes afrocubanos yoruba (2 h), 27 €
16:15-17:30 Son (75 min),17 €
17:45-19:00 Rumba Cubana (75 min), 17 €

Place: Flama Linnankatu (Linnankatu 84, 20100 Turku)

teacher, dancer, choreorapher and musician Ifa/Babalawo
Baba Eyi Ogbe, the son of Eleggua was born in Havannassa (Cuba) in 1960.

Ramón is a dance teacher, a dancer, a choreographer and an international musician born in Havanna, Cuba, in 1960. Ramón has a long professional career in Afro-Cuban folk dances, such as Yoruba, Kongo, Arara, as well as in popular Cuban dances, such as rumba, son, timba, salsa, cha cha cha and reggaeton.

He started his education in Cuba at a very young age. His teachers include well-known Luis Chacón (also known as “El Aspirina”), Tito Junco, Domingo Pao and Jorge Dixon (known as “Chiquitico”, both dancers of the National Folklore Ensemble of Cuba), Aldo Durades and Carlos Alfonso. Soon, he became an exceptional dancer and percussionist with a deep knowledge of folklore associated with the Yoruba religion.

Ramon is a Babalao, hijo de Eleggua and bata drum and conga player. He has participated in important festivals in Cuba, Finland, Sweden, Spain and Gran Canaria.

In 1992, Ramón moved to Finland and he was a pioneer in spreading Cuban folklore, holding courses and workshops around Finland. He founded his own dance school, Salsa de Cuba, with Marika Silverion in Helsinki and later in Turku.

Ramón has created his own dance styles, such as Cubailes and Afrosumba. In addition, he has published several salsa and merengue instructional videos with Marika Silverio. Throughout his career, he has not only taught thousands of students to dance, but has also trained countless teachers who are currently teaching classes and performing in shows around the world. Inter alia Anna, the founder of Flama, is also Ramón’s student and she has attended Ramón’s teacher training.

Ramón has done numerous projects with important groups and artists, such as Oscar de León, Los Van Van, Pupy y los que son son and Osdalgia.

Nowadays, Ramón works as a musician and dance teacher in Malaga, Spain.

Ramón is known as a demanding, charismatic teacher with a special gift for conveying the authenticity of Cuban culture in a professional, entertaining and very funny way. He teaches with his own methods and live percussion instruments.

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