We will have voguing workshops with Emi Angels at Flama the 19th of July!

Schedule on Sunday, July 19
12.00–13.15 Vogue Femme, technique, open level (75 min)
During the class, we will practice the vogue femme technique and get familiar with the history of ballroom and its culture with different technique and freestyle exercises.
13.30–14.45 Vogue Femme, choreography, open level (75 min)
During the class, we will prepare a soft and feminine choreography by using vogue femme elements. The choreography will be filmed in the end of the class with all those who want to join.

Teacher: Emi Angels 007

Emi Angels is a vogue dancer from Helsinki, known from her soft and sexy style of vogue femme and creative hands. She has gathered knowledge from the best teachers in the world by living in Tokyo and Rotterdam, and by competing actively in ballroom around Europe. She is also a member of the international Kiki House of Angels -collective.

Register for the workshops by purchasing those at our webshop:
Technique class 16 €
Choreography class 16 €

More information: info@flama.fi