On Monday, the 16th of December, we will dance with lovely Tiia Kerttula at Flama!

Schedule for Monday, the 16th of December 2019
17.00–18.00 Cha-cha, open level, solo class
18.00–19.00 Slow Rumba, open level, solo class
19.00–20.00 Jazz Dance, open level

Prices and registration:
10 € per class or marking of Flama card

Reserve your place to these classes through our reservation system: https://flama.fi/en/reservations/

During the class, we will learn basics of cha cha, such as the right use and language of the body. You will get familiar with the basic steps and variation of cha cha. During the class, we will also rehearse a choreography that includes elements of cha cha and show dance.

Tiia started to dance at the age of ten, when she got into show dancing. That is the dance style she has been dancing ever since, but other dance styles have come along on the way. Soon after show dance, competitive ballroom dancing, Finnish lavatanssit as well as rock and swing dances came to the picture. Dance hobby has taken Tiia far, as she has already been studying dance teaching with show dance as her major in Oulu University of Applied Sciences.

Tiia has been teaching for several years, and she has taught both adults and children. As a teacher, Tiia is happy, qualified and inquisitive. Her classes are versatile and challenging, but the atmosphere is still positive and encouraging. Active attitude and the joy of dance are the most important things in Tiia’s classes.