Satu and Roynet’s Salsa Workshops at Flama on Saturday, August 28!

Satu and Roynet will visit Flama on Saturday, the 28th of August 2021! Schedule for Saturday 28.8.2021 – 12:00–13:15 hall 1: Salsa Ladies Style, intermediate (Satu) hall 2: Salsa Men’s Style, intermediate (Roynet), 75 min – 13:30–14:45 Cuban Couple Salsa, intermediate level, 75 min, (Satu & Roynet) – 14:45–16:00 Cuban Couple Salsa, advanced level, 75 […]

Sign up for Eve’s Dancehall Courses for June and August!

Eve ‘Jamami’s’ still have some places available for August, so welcome to join us for the new courses in August! During this summer, Eve will have two separate courses, one in June and the other one in August. The courses in August include four sessions during which we will be concentrating on another choreography and […]