We want to remind you of our important guidelines so that dancing at Flama would be as safe as possible for everyone. Please read these instructions before coming to our dance studio.
🔶️ The recommendation on the use of face masks is now valid in Southwest Finland and we recommend our dancers to use masks, especially in our changing rooms, waiting areas, and couple classes.
🔶️ Every dancer should take care of good hand hygiene and wash/disinfect their hands every time they enter and leave the studio. Hand disinfectants are available in all our areas.
🔶️ Those who come to the classes in Hall 1: At the end of the class, the dance hall is exceptionally exited through the front door on Linnankatu. The outdoor shoes are exceptionally taken to the dance hall and placed on the bottom of the hall. The dressing rooms, toilets, and other facilities can be reached after the class by first going outside and then entering the studio normally again through our side door entrance. In this way, we can avoid that the groups of consecutive classes will not be in contact and the corridor leading to the dance hall will not get that crowded.
🔶️ Those who come to the classes in Hall 2: Please wait before the class starts preferably in the spacious dressing room downstairs until 10 past. This way we avoid overcrowding in the corridor upstairs.
🔶️ The duration of each class is 55 minutes. Please leave the dance hall right after the class, so that the next group can enter the dance hall in time. The doors will be opened and the spaces ventilated between the classes. Please enter the dance hall only when the previous group has left the dance hall and the instructor has asked you to enter. Please avoid contact between the different groups.
🔶️ If there is a queue in the reception/lobby when you arrive at the studio, we recommend waiting a moment outside or going downstairs first to avoid overcrowding in the lobby. Please always keep a safe distance from other dancers in the waiting areas, if it is possible.
🔶️ We would like you to get ready for the class in advance by coming to the studio already in training clothes and with a filled water bottle, in order to avoid long stays in the changing rooms and toilets.
🔶️ Please come to our studio only when you are completely healthy. Stay home if you have any symptoms of flu or you have any possibility of been exposed to flu or Covid-19 and apply for a corona test. If you are feeling sick or you have even the smallest flu symptoms, please cancel your class through our reservation system or by sending us an email to In case of illness, you can apply for an extension for the validity of your punch card.
🔶️ Flama is cleaned every day and in addition to normal cleaning, our staff regularly disinfects contact surfaces, such as door handles.
Thank you for your cooperation!