Mirka Saali’s Reggaeton Show Course, October 30-December 11

Mirka Saali’s Reggaeton Show Course is held at Flama Rauhankatu on Sundays. During the course, we will be working on a choreography that will be performed at our End of Season party on Saturday, the 17th of December. The choreography will be also recorded on the same Saturday in the afternoon. Time: on Sundays from […]

Sign up for Pauliina’s Heels Technique Course That Starts on Sunday, May 15!

Would you like to become more confident in dancing with heels? Join Pauliina’s Heels Technique course that starts on Sunday, the 15th of May. Our Heels Technique course is suitable for both beginners and those who have been dancing with heels for a longer time. This course is meant for everyone interested in strengthening their […]

Anna’s Salsa Ladies Style Project Course Starts on Saturday, May 14

Salsa Ladies Style Project is a five-sessions-long Cuban Salsa Ladies Style intensive course, where we will practise one longer choreography. The participants of this course can perform the choreography at Flama’s End of Spring Season Party, and we will also film the choreography at the end of the course. The trainings will take place at […]

Feel like Twerk? Here You Can Find Our Different Twerk Options in a Nutshell!

Would you like to start a new hobby? How about twerk? Next week on Thursday, the 14th of April, we will start a new twerk course for beginners here at Dance Studio Flama. The course consists of nine sessions and the classes are held on Thursdays from the 14th of April to the 9th of June at 17:15–18:10. The course is instructed by Meri Niemi.

If you are not able to participate in this course, no worries. We do have other twerk classes available and you can find different options here in a nutshell.

Carlos Camba’s Kizomba & Semba Courses in Spring 2020

Carlos Camba will teach kizomba and semba at Dance Studio Flama again in spring 2020 on Tuesdays, starting the 21st of January. The classes will be held between the 21st of January and the 31st of March 2020. No classes on 18th of February, 25th of February and 3rd of March. Couple Kizomba Course on […]