Johanna Sallinen and Omar Bakr will come to Flama in October with their Cuban Salsa and Sensual Bachata Workshops.

Schedule for Saturday, October 17
11:00–12:00 Bachata Ladies Style, open level (solo class), 60 min
12:00–13:00 Salsa Ladies Style, open level (solo class), 60 min
13:15–14:45 Cuban Salsa, intermediate (couple class), 90 min
15:00–16:30 Sensual Bachata, intermediate (couple class), 90 min

The follower spots for the couple salsa and bachata classes are full at the moment. There is still room for leaders and couples in both classes. You can dance with your own pair or you can participate in the continuous rotations of partners. The couple classes will be held in English.

Sign up for the classes by purchasing them at our webshop:
Bachata Ladies Style, 15 €
Salsa Ladies Style, 15 €
– Cuban Salsa, intermediate (couple class), 25 € / person
Sign up as a leader or together with your partner by sending an email to
– Sensual Bachata, intermediate (couple class), 25 € / person
Sign up as a leader or together with your partner by sending an email to


Johanna and Omar are versatile and experienced dancers and teachers and they teach i.a. bachata, cha cha, kizomba and salsa together. Through their I Dance Helsinki -organization, Omar and Johanna have long been building the Afro-Latin scene in Helsinki by teaching, bringing visiting artists to Finland and arranging festivals and parties in a weekly basis.

Johanna has danced several different dance styles. Johanna won Salsa European Championship in 2010, so she has a lot of knowledge about dance technique and that knowledge she wants to share with her students. As a teacher, she is known for her demanding but encouraging and clear teaching.

Omar’s dancing career has begun with ballroom dance, but it changed later to Afro-Latin dances. Omar’s strengths are musicality as well as his smooth and clear lead. He encourages and provides tools for each individual student’s progress and improvement.

For Omar and Johanna, it is important that everything learnt during the classes can be applied in a social dance setting. They emphasize the importance of leading and following as well as the learning of the basics, not forgetting musicality. Above all, dancing should be fun and feel good.

More information:

Hanna-Maija Pääkkönen will visit Flama on Saturday, September 12!

Schedule 12.9.2020
11.00–12.15 Commercial Latin, 75 min
12.30–13.45 Reggaeton, 75 min
14.00–15.15 Salsa Ladies Style (on1), 75 min
15.30–16.45 Bachata Ladies Style, 75 min

These classes are suitable for those who have previous dance experience.

Prices and registration:
1 workshop (75 min): 16 €
All 4 workshops, “full pass” price: 50 €

Registrate for the classes by purchasing those from our webshop:
Commercial Latin
Salsa Ladies Style
Bachata Ladies Style
All workshops “full pass”

HANNA-MAIJA PÄÄKKÖNEN Hanna-Maija Pääkkönen is a professional dancer specialized in Caribbean dances. She has a long dance education since she was 3 years old, featuring studies in classical ballet, lyrical jazz, contemporary dance and show dance. She came in contact with Latin American dances already in her childhood, when living in Nicaragua where she studied local folkloric dances. During her high school years she travelled to Dominican Republic (1999-2000) to study merengue and bachata. After returning to Finland she studied afrocuban dances with several Cuban professionals such as Ramon Silverio (Conjunto Folklórico Santiago de Cuba) and Chiqui Dixon (Conjunto Folklórico Nacional de Cuba) around Europe. During her studies she worked as a teacher trainee in Dance School Salsa de Cuba, where she later on also reached for several years. Hanna-Maija has worked as a full time dance teacher since 2002. She continues to educate herself, and makes several study trips every year to Latin America and Europe. She is known as an inspiring teacher, whose passion for dance is evident. Many of her former students now work as professionals. Her dance style is a mixture of soft feminine movements, a graceful quality of moves originating in her classical background, and explosive energy. Hanna-Maija specializes especially on Reggaeton, Ladies’ style salsa On1 and On2 and Cuban rumba.