Anna & Carlos Camba’s Kizomba & Semba Workshops on Saturday, March 12

On Saturday, the 12th of March, we will dance kizomba and semba with Carlos and Anna at Dance Studio Flama in Turku! Schedule for Saturday, March 12 12:00–13:15 Kizomba, beginners (75 min) 13:30–14:45 Kizomba, advanced beginners/intermediate (75 min) 14:45–16:00 Semba, advanced beginners (75 min) All the workshops are couple dance classes. There will be optional […]

Satu and Roynet’s Salsa Workshops at Flama on Saturday, August 28!

Satu and Roynet will visit Flama on Saturday, the 28th of August 2021! Schedule for Saturday 28.8.2021 – 12:00–13:15 hall 1: Salsa Ladies Style, intermediate (Satu) hall 2: Salsa Men’s Style, intermediate (Roynet), 75 min – 13:30–14:45 Cuban Couple Salsa, intermediate level, 75 min, (Satu & Roynet) – 14:45–16:00 Cuban Couple Salsa, advanced level, 75 […]

Flama’s Online Class Schedule for Week 17, April 20–26 on Facebook Live Stream

Dance Studio Flama’s online class schedule for week 17 is out now! We will continue online dancing with this schedule from the 20th to the 26th of April on Flama’s Facebook Live Stream. Enjoy the classes with Anna Tolppa, Hanna Heinonen, Meri Niemi, Mirka Saali, Pauliina Latva and Sarianna Jakobsson. All the classes last 45 […]