Autumn 2022 (29.8.–18.12.2022)

Our drop-in classes (classes marked in black in our schedule) can be booked through our appointment booking system. Separate courses are linked to our online store and marked in red on our schedule.

Questions: [email protected]

We reserve the right for any class or teacher changes. The schedule might be updated later.

The classes marked with an asterisk * in the schedule are separate courses, i.e. you register for the the whole course. The classes without the * symbol are drop-in classes that you can join at any time. Sign up for the drop-in classes through our reservation system.

There are no classes on Father’s Day on Sunday, the 13th of November or on Independence Day Tuesday, the 6th of December.


Flama Linnankatu dance hall 1 (Linnankatu 84)

10:30 Baby Latino (45 min) – Anna

16:15 Twerk, beginners – Salla

17:15 Salsa Solo, beginners (5.9.–12.12.)* – Matias

18:15 Couple Salsa 4 (5.9.–12.12.)* – Matias

19:15 Couple Salsa 3 (5.9.– 12.12.)* – Matias

20:15 Couple Salsa 1+ (5.9.–12.12.)* – Matias

Flama Linnankatu dance hall 2 (Linnankatu 84)

16:15 Cuban dances, changing theme, intermediate – Matias

17:15 Twerk Technique, open level – Salla

18:15 Caribbean Mix, beginners – Minna

19:15 Dancehall Queenstyle, beginners – Minna

20:15 The dance hall can be rented.

Flama Rauhankatu dance hall 1 (Rauhankatu 15)

16:15 Reggaeton, beginners – Mirka

17:15 Latin Ladies Style, intermediate – Mirka

18:15 Reggaeton, intermediate – Meri

19:15–21:15 Bouncy Crew Dance Group Trainings* – Meri

Flama Rauhankatu dance hall 2 (Rauhankatu 15)

16:15 The dance hall can be rented.

17:15 The dance hall can be rented.

18:15 Flama Crew Dance Group Trainings* – Mirka

19:15 Salsa Ladies Style, intermediate  – Mirka

20:15 The dance hall can be rented.