Brian Ramos


Brian Ramos is a dancer, choreographer and teacher of Cuban dances and rhythmics. He graduated from the Cuba National Art School (ENA) as a professional dancer. Brian has been a dancer and a choreographer in the world-renowned Conjunto Folklórico Nacional de Cuba dance group, he is an award-winning choreographer in dance competitions held in and outside of Cuba, and he has learned and worked with great maestros. He has been involved in several rumba music projects, such as Eshu Alabboni, Yoruba Andabo, Solar de los 6, Timbalaye, Osain del monte. He greatly appreciates the moments spent with these groups, because everything has started with rumba that is closely connected with Cuban culture.

Brian was born to be a rumbanero. He was thrown into the middle of rumba and salsa world already as a small boy, and this drove him to study music at a very early age. Thanks to this, he is a great expert of Cuban rhythms and dances today, and he still  continues to learn.