Ultimate Emz Dancehall Female Workshop on Saturday 22.4.2023 at 13:00–15:00

On Saturday, the 22nd of April, you have a unique opportunity to join a Jamaican dancer’s class when Ultimate Emz visits Turku and Flama!

Time: Saturday 22.4.2023 at 13:00–15:00

Place: Flama Rauhankatu (Rauhankatu 15, 20100 Turku)

Attention! We do not refund you if you have to cancel your participation. In case of illness, we can offer you Flama’s gift card with the same amount you paid for the workshop.



Emz (Shanice Anderson) is the founder of the dance group Ultimate Girls. This group was founded in 2018 and it is one of the most well-known Jamaican dance group for women. The group consists of three other dancers: Hannah, Vodka and Shamz. Ultimate Girls is a well-recognized dance group in Jamaica and they have won several dance competitions as a dance group.

Emz has danced all her life, starting right from her early childhood. Emz has worked a professional dancer for seven years. In Jamaica, she has taught dancehall for several years around the world. In addition, she has worked as a dancer in different hotels for years. Between 2017 and 2019, Emz worked in the dance group called Jam Dynamite that performed in all the biggest hotels in Jamaica. Since 2020, she has worked in big hotel productions, such as International Show, Michael Jackson Show, Jamaican Show and many other productions as a professional dancer.

Emz is also a backup dancer of the most-famous Jamaican artist Spice and she has danced with this dancehall superstar in Jamaica’s biggest festivals, such as Reggae Sum Festival and Dream Weekend.

Emz is a very talented and passionate dancer. ”I am a talented and versatile dancer and I am very passionate about my craft. I let my talent speak emotionaly to make people feel what dancing is all about.”

More information about the workshop: [email protected]