Sensual Reggaeton Workshop, open level, on Wednesday 4.1.2022 at 18:45–20:00, instructed by Mirka Saali

Mirka Saali’s Sensual Reggaeton Workshop

Time: Wednesday 4.1.2022 at 18:45–20:00 (75 min)

Place: Flama Rauhankatu (Rauhankatu 15, 20100 Turku)

Level: open level

Teacher: Mirka Saali

Price: 17 €

Attention! If you want to pay the workshop with some sports or cultural benefits (Smartum, Edenred, ePass, Eazybreak), please sign up by sending an email to [email protected]



Attention! We will not refund you if you have to cancel your participation. In case of being sick, you can get a gift card of the same value to our studio.

Bring your own knee pads or leg warmers to the workshop to protect your knees.

Show Burlesque combines show dance and burlesque with its flirt and attractiveness. During the class, you can dance with your socks or ball pads. We do not recommend dance trainers for this class. You can just wear your normal, comfortable clothes, but if you wish, you can also wear something related to the theme, such as fishnet tights.

Mirka Saali

Mirka teaches Show Burlesque, Latin Ladies Style and Reggaeton classes at Flama.

Mirka has a long history of different dance styles. She started dancing at the age of seven with ballroom dancing and continued until her teenage years. After that, she has tried various dance styles, such as Broadway, twerk, pole dance and different couple dances. However, Show Burlesque took her heart and gave a whole new meaning for dancing. None of Mirka’s classes is identical. Years of experience is reflected in insightful and skilled choreography that have been inspired by all the dance styles Mirka has danced.

As a teacher, Mirka is compelling and purposeful but still easy-going. There is always a cheerful atmosphere in the classes. It is important to Mirka that the joy of dancing is present in her teaching, as well as the enjoying of the music, own movements and the crossing of boundaries.

Mirka has been part of different dance groups. Earlier she was the choreographer and one of the dancers in the Show Burlesque dance group called glamGRLS’n’pantyHOES. Nowadays she does the same in Flama’s own Latin dance group, Flama Crew.

More information: [email protected]