Latin Ladies Style: Samban for Beginners (4 sessions), autum 2023, on Tuesdays 24.10.–14.11.2023, instructed by Mirka Saali

Latin Ladies Style: Samba for Beginners

In the course, you get to know the basics and techniques of samba, and work on the same choreography four times. The course includes 4 x 55 min sessions. Attention! In the course, we dance competitive samba, not Brazilian carnival samba.

Time: On Tuesdays 24.10.–14.11.2023 at 17:30–18:25
Place: Tanssistudio Flama (Linnankatu 84, 20100 Turku)
Level: beginners
Teacher: Mirka Saali

f you want to participate in all the autumn 2023 Latin Ladies Style beginner courses (cha cha, jive, samba and rumba), you can also buy the Latin Ladies Style course package (€185). All classes in the course package are on Tuesdays at 17:30–18:25.

If you want to pay for the course partly with some sport or cultural benefits (Smartum, Edenred, ePassi), please sign up by sending an email to [email protected].

If you have Flama’s Autumn 2023 Anytime, you will get to this course without an additional fee. In that case, sign up by sending an email to [email protected].



Latin Ladies Style beginner courses in autumn 2023

In the Autumn, Flama teaches the basics of Latin Ladies Style A four-week course is organized for each of the four dance types, during which the basics and technique of the dance type are practiced and a short choreography is learned. You can register for these courses individually (€49/course) or for all four courses at the same time (€185).

>> Latin Ladies Style course package


29.8.–19.9. Cha cha
26.9.–17.10. Jive
24.10.–14.11. Samba
21.11.–12.12. Rumba

During the fall season, classes are on Tuesdays at 17:30–18:25.

These courses are for beginners, you don’t need previous dance experience! Bring your own water bottle and comfortable sports clothes to the class, as well as dance shoes if you wish. In these classes, you can also wear socks, so you don’t necessarily need separate dance shoes.

Mirka Saali

Mirka has a long history of different dance styles. She started dancing at the age of seven with ballroom dancing and continued until her teenage years. Mirka found dancing again in 2010, and she fell in love with Latin dances, especially Cuban dances. After that, she has danced many different dance styles. However, Show Burlesque took her heart and gave a whole new meaning for dancing. Mirka has been teaching at Flama since 2018, and the number of her classes has only increased over the years. Currently Mirka is teaching Show Burlesque, cha-cha-cha, samba, rumba, jive, reggaeton, paso doble, salsatón, salsa, bachata and chairlesque. The years of experience is reflected in insightful and skilled choreographies that have been inspired by all the dance styles Mirka has danced.

As a teacher, Mirka is compelling and purposeful but still easy-going. There is always a cheerful atmosphere in the classes. It is important to Mirka that the joy of dancing is present in her teaching, as well as the enjoyment of the music, own movements and the crossing of boundaries.

Mirka has been part of different dance groups. Earlier she was the choreographer and one of the dancers in the Show Burlesque dance group called glamGRLS’n’pantyHOES. Nowadays, she does the same in Flama’s own Latin dance group, Flama Crew. In addition, she is leading and making the choreographies for Flama’s Show Burlesque group, Flaming Firecrackers.

More information: [email protected]