Salsa Solo Course for Advanced Beginners, on Tuesdays 10.1.–9.5.2023 at 17:15–18:10, instructed by Anna Ketopaikka

Salsa Solo Course for Advanced Beginners on Tuesdays 10.1.–9.5.2023 klo 17:15–18:10
Place: Flama Rauhankatu (Rauhankatu 15, 20100 Turku)
Level: advanced beginners
The course consists of 18 x 55 min sessions.
If you want to pay for the course with sport or cultural benefits (Smartum, Tyky, Edenred, ePass, Eazybreak), please register for the course by sending an email to [email protected]

Attention! With Flama’s Spring 2023 Anytime Card you can get to the course without any additional fee. In that case, sign up for the course by purchasing the Anytime card and sending your sign up by email: [email protected]




Salsa Solo Course for Advanced Beginners takes you to the world of salsa rhythms. During the classes, you will learn about salsa technique, body movements and rhythmics even further. The course is suitable for those who are already familiar with the basics of salsa solo, for example those who have participated in Anna’s Salsa Solo Course for Beginners.

The classes are held at Flama Rauhankatu (Rauhankatu 15, Turku), and everyone is welcome to join, no matter the age or gender.

Teacher: Anna Ketopaikka

More information: [email protected]