Flama’s Latin Saturday 12.8.2023: Bachata solo, beginners

Flama’s Latin Saturday: Bachata solo, beginners

This workshop is meant for beginners, so you do not need to have any previous dance experience.

Time: Saturday 12.8.2023 at 15:00–16:15

Place: Flama Rauhankatu (Rauhankatu 15, Turku)

Teacher: Anna Ketopaikka



Bachata is a sensual Latin dance that comes originally from the Dominican Republic. We especially practice foot technique and body movement language in the class. Bachata music is full of emotion and offers a lot of possibilities for various styling.


Flama’s Latin Saturday 12.8.2023

Latin Saturday is a day full of wonderful Latin rhythms! There will be three different solo classes, so now you have a possibility to try different styles and find your own favourite!

All the workshops are meant for beginners who do not have previous dance experience of the dance style in question. The classes are held at Flama Rauhankatu (Rauhankatu 15, Turku) on Saturday, of August 2023.

The workshops are instructed by Anna Ketopaikka.


12:00–13:15 Reggaeton, beginners (75 min)
13:30–14:45 Salsa Solo, beginners (75 min)
15:00–16:15 Bachata Solo, beginners (75 min)

1 workshop: 17 €