Kiira Kornevits’ Hip Hop Workshop (open level) on Tuesday 18.7.2023 at 16:30–18:00

Kiira Kornevits’ Hip Hop Workshop is held at Flama Rauhankatu on Tuesday 18.7.2023!

Time: 18.7.2023 at 16:30–18:00 (90 min)

Level: open level

Place: Flama Rauhankatu (Rauhankatu 15, Turku)

Teacher: Kiira Kornevits



Kiira tells about herself:

I’m Kiira, a dancer, choreographer and dance teacher from Helsinki. I have worked with Finland’s leading artists for several years and I have been part of many live performances, tours and TV appearances.

As a dance teacher, I am encouraging and precise. It is important to me to keep the athmosphere safe and encouraging, which also makes it easier to step out of your comfort zone and develop as a dancer.

In my classes, we warm up, practice technique and mobility and finally dance some choreography.

Hoping to see you soon, welcome to dance with me! ❤