FasciaMethod Course (7 sessions) on Mondays 28.8.–9.10.2023 at 17:15–18:10, instructed by Sarianna Jakobsson

Sarianna Jakobsson’s FasciaMethod Course with seven sessions (7 x 55 min) at Flama Rauhankatu in autumn 2023

The classes are held on Mondays 28.8.–6.10.2023 at 17:15–18:10.

Place: Flama Rauhankatu (Rauhankatu 15, 20100 Turku)

Teacher: Sarianna Jakobsson

Attention! With Flama’s Autumn 2023 Anytime Card you can get to the course without any additional fee. In that case, sign up for the course by purchasing the Anytime card and sending your sign up by email: [email protected]



FasciaMethod is a holistic body care method developed by Finnish physiotherapists, in which the body’s mobility is improved through various mobility exercises, dynamic precision stretching, movement management training and fascia ball treatment. FasciaMethod is suitable for anyone who wants to improve their performance effectively and promote their well-being. The exercises are done at the pace of breathing. At the end of the classes, we will have a relaxation.

Please bring your own mat to the classes.

Teacher: Sarianna Jakobsson

More information about the course: [email protected]