Dancehall Queenstyle, advanced (4×55), on Wednesdays 7.-28.6.2023 at 18:15-19:10, instructed by Eve ”JaMami” Vuorenmaa

The classes are held on Wednesdays 7.–28.6.2023 at 18:15-19.10

Place: Flama Linnankatu (Linnankatu 84, 20100 Turku)

Level: advanced

Teacher: Eve Jamami

The course fee includes 4 x 55 sessions.

Attention! With Flama’s Summer 2023 Anytime, you can get to the course without an additional fee. In that case, sign up for the course by purchasing the Anytime card and sending your sign up by email: [email protected]



Dancehall Queenstyle

Dancehall is a street dance that was born in Jamaica and it continues to develop. During the Dancehall Queenstyle class, we will concentrate on women’s own dance style. Attitude, feminine moves and steps and possibly also acrobatics will be involved. Bring a water bottle and knee pads or leg warmers to the class to protect your knees.

Evaleena ‘JaMami’ Vuorenmaa has been teaching street and show dances for over 15 years. At the moment, she teaches weekly classes in four different dance schools in Tampere, Ylöjärvi, and Jyväskylä. She also gives workshops regularly around the country. Evaleena is one of the leading dancehall teachers in Finland. She finds her self-development extremely important and that is why she participates in intensive courses and private classes given by top teachers both in Finland and abroad. Eve wants to stay up-to-date to offer only the best for her students. There are not many significant DH dancers or teachers that have not been teaching Evaleena yet. Evaleena has currently three performing and competing dancehall groups called JaMam’s Cats, Rumble Squad, and Flama’s own Falla Flame.