Couple Salsa Course for Beginners (14 sessions), autumn 2023, on Sundays 3.9.–10.12.2023 at 15:15–16:10, instructed by Anna Ketopaikka

Cuban Couple Salsa Course for Beginners (level 1) on Sundays 3.9.–10.12.2023 at 15:15–16:10 (no class on Father’s Day 12.11.)

This course starts from scratch!

Teacher: Anna Ketopaikka

Place: Flama Linnankatu (Linnankatu 84, 20100 Turku)

The course consists of 14 x 55 min sessions.

Price: 175 € / person

You can also sign up without your own pair and participate in the exchange ring. We take care of the balance of couples, so please choose when you order whether you will dance in the course as a leader or as a follower.

This course has a voluntary partner exchange, that is, if you participate in the course with your own partner, you can, if you wish, either dance with the same partner for the whole season, or by mutual decision you can participate in a partner exchange.

Attention! With Flama’s Autumn 2023 Anytime Card you can get to the course without any additional fee. In that case, sign up for the course by purchasing the Anytime card and sending your sign up by email: [email protected]. In that case, sign up by sending an email to [email protected].



In this course, we will practice music interpretation, body movements, figures as well as the techniques of leading and following in Cuban couple salsa aka casino.

LEVEL 1 (new beginners)
This level starts from scratch, so no previous dance experience is required. At this level, we will learn basic techniques, the most common basic figures, and technique of leading and following. In addition, we will get excited about the wonderful atmosphere of Cuban salsa in general!

More information: [email protected]

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