Adult Ballet Workshop for Beginners on Saturday 7.1.2023 at 11:00–12:30, instructed by Ida Martikainen

Adult Ballet Workshop for Beginners on Saturday, the 7th of January 2023 at 11:00–12:30 (90 min)

Place: Flama Rauhankatu (Rauhankatu 15), the big white building on Koulukatu side

The course is suitable for beginners who do not have any previous dance experience.

Teacher: Ida Martikainen

If you want to pay for the workshop with sport or cultural benefits (Smartum, Tyky, Edenred, ePass, Eazybreak), please register by sending an email to [email protected].



During the adult ballet class, we will go through classical ballet technique, practise ballet-specific expression and some choreographic phrases towards the end of the class. The class includes barre exercises, centre practice and free routines. Ballet develops internal abdominal muscles and improves balance, coordination and posture. In addition, the expressive ability of the body will gain new dimensions.

The workshop starts from the very basics, so you do not need to have any previous dance experience to attend.

When coming to the workshop, you need comfortable dance clothes and socks or other soft ballet shoes.

Teacher: Ida Martikainen

Ida is a present and gentle dance instructor who loves bodily expression. She has completed Basic Education in the Art of Dance between 2004–2013 in Jyväskylä Dance Institute, majoring in classical ballet and having contemporary dance, jazz dance and repertoire dance as her minors. In addition, she has been involved in several dance projects both as a dancer and as a choreographer.

According to Ida, dancing is a journey to one’s own body and in the way to attach to a common space. She thinks that the most important element of the dance class is to stay present in the same place and time: the momentary synchronization and the common sense of the bodies. Through her teaching, Ida wants to get the dancers to feel their bodies powerful and bright.

More information: [email protected]