On Saturday, the 2nd of March, we will have three 1,5 hours long workshops instructed by Pauliina Latva:

11.00-12.30 Contemporary dance (open level)
12.45-14.15 Heels (open level)
14.30-16.00 Body maintenance/streching

Price of one workshop (90 min) is 17 euros.

Register for the classes by purchasing them from our webshop:
– Contemporary dance: https://flama.fi/tuote/pauliina-latvan-nykytanssi-workshop/
– Heels: https://flama.fi/tuote/pauliina-latvan-heels-workshop/
– Body maintenance/streching: https://flama.fi/tuote/pauliina-latvan-kehonhuolto-workshop/


Pauliina is a versatile and strong dancer who has moved from Helsinki to Turku. Pauliina spent the fall 2016 in New York with her independent dance studies.

She is also a physiotherapy student and has graduated as a personal trainer (2015, South Africa). Pauliina has an extensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology, which she has also supplemented with various courses. During her dance history, she has been able to work extensively on various dance styles, such as hip hop, breakdance, jazz, show, acrobatics and salsa. However, contemporary dance has become her most important form of dancing. It has also given her room and suggestions to combine different dance styles in an unprejudiced way.

Pauliina has been working as a dancer on a wide scale, so she has been performing both in Finland and abroad (New York, Barcelona, Stockholm, Tallinn). She has danced as a background dancer for different artists, featured music videos, made commercials and dances in the opera. Pauliina’s own solo work DOES was also chosen for the Generation2017 art exhibition at the Amos Anderson Art Museum. Currently Pauliina is involved in an international art project in Italy.

As a dance teacher, Pauliina is inspiring and encouraging. Her dance classes are filled with versatile dance know-how and typically different dance styles are open-mindedly combined. Floorwork and musicality are constantly present in Pauliina’s classes. “My main job as a dance teacher is to motivate my students to become interested in the versatility of their own body and the opportunities it creates.”


More information about the workshops: info@flama.fi.