Tomorrow on Wednesday, the 25th of March, we will continue with Flama’s online classes on Facebook. Stay tuned and click yourself into our Facebook Live Stream to dance with us at home!

Schedule for online classes on Wednesday, March 25:
18:00 Bachata Solo for Beginners with Anna (45 min) 19:00 Oriental Dance for Beginners with Hanna (45 min)

Bachata is a sensual Latin dance that comes originally from the Dominican Republic. Anna’s class concentrates on bachata footwork, the technique of hand and arm lines as well as body movements and rhythmic. You do not need any prior experience in dancing to participate in this beginners’ class.

Oriental Dance, also known as belly dance, is a soft dance style that is based on folk and female solo dances from the Middle East and North Africa. Hanna’s dance class focuses on the basic movements of oriental dance, its body language and the use of the head, shoulders and hands. This is a beginners’ class, so you do not need to have any prior experience in dancing to join us.

These classes are free of cost but if you want to support us, you can voluntarily pay for the classes via our webshop:

The price for a single class is 5 €. If you want to pay with Smartum Mobile or E-Pass or Edenred Mobile, you can accomplish the payment at your home. Type Tanssistudio Flama to Search Field and enter the total of 5 €.
We are currently planning and improving our online classes, so we would love to hear your ideas, wishes and opinions! Send your ideas or feedback to or via Flama’s Facebook or Instagram!

Let’s enjoy dancing in our living rooms!