Japs BG will visit Turku on Sunday, the 13th of September! Authentic, energetic, quality dancehall teaching that you don´t want to miss!

Time: Sunday, the 13th of September at 12:30–14:30 (90 min)
Price: 26 €
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Japs is a talented and unique dancer who started dancing at an early age. He is known for his incredible creativity and style. He thinks that the most important thing in dancing is having fun and being your authentic self. While many dancehall dancers are remixing each other steps, Japs always brings his own twist to dancehall. He creates steps very easily, no matter if it’s practicing at his home or walking on the street. His body naturally flows with the rhythm of the music.

Japs has been performing and teaching dancehall for years. He is one of the dancehall teachers in Dance Jamaica dance school and also teaches private classes. He has been performing in many schools, parties and local shows, such as Magnum Kings and
Queens of Dancehall and Jamaica’s biggest award show The YVAs. He was a semifinalist in KFC on the Verge competition alongside his crew members Koolaz and Damion.