Flama’s studio opens again next week on Monday, the 1st of June. We have some special arrangements to guarantee a safer dance environment, so please read these directions before coming to our classes.

1. Sign up for all the classes through our reservation system or by sending an email to info@flama.fi. In June, we only have solo classes. The couple dance classes will start later.

The amount of places for each class in June is limited, so it is important to book each class in advance. If you have to cancel your reservation, you should do it at least six hours before the class starts through our reservation system or by sending an email to info@flama.fi. Otherwise, your card will be charged once, even if you do not come to the class. We hope that the cancellations are made as early as possible so that those in the queue get the information early enough to be able to attend the classes. 

2. As usual, you enter our studio by using the back door on the side of Turku Castle and you sign in at the reception. The classes are entered through the two inner doors of the dance hall. Exceptionally, we use the front door on Linnakatu to exit the dance hall, so please bring your outdoor shoes with you to the back of the dance hall. The dressing rooms, toilets and our other facilities will be accessed again after the class only by first going out of the front door on Linnankatu and then entering the back door next to the parking lot. This arrangement will be followed for now to avoid congestion in the hallway leading to the dance hall.

3. Each class lasts 55 minutes. Thus, there is a little pause between the classes. Please leave the dance hall right after the class, so that the next group will be able to enter the dance hall on time.

4. We have added an extra dressing room downstairs. The dressing room downstairs can be accessed by taking the stairs leading down from the studio’s back door. If there is a queue at the reception when you arrive at the studio, we recommend you to wait outside or first go to the dressing room downstairs. Unfortunately, the dressing room downstairs does not have any lockers. That is why you can take your valuables in a bag to the dance hall.

5. If possible, we would like you to come to our studio having your training clothes already on and your water bottle filled in order to avoid unnecessary time in the changing rooms and other premises. Please keep your distance and bring your own yoga mat to our yoga and pilates classes for hygiene reasons.

6. Under no circumstances should you come to the studio if you have any flu symptoms (sore throat, for example). Wash and disinfect your hands when you arrive at the studio. Disinfectants are available in all our facilities. We disinfect door handles, faucets and other surfaces several times a day. If you sneeze, cough into your sleeve.

We will continue our online classes even if our studio opens. Updated information regarding our online classes can be found on our webpage. You can attend our online classes and dance with us at home also in the future. In addition, we will have dance classes at the park next to Turku Castle.

We cannot wait to dance together again!