Pauliina started dancing ballet at the age of 4. Over the years, the ballet hall became very familiar with its tulles and slippers, topknots, steps, choreographies, red cheeks, and sweat drops. Pauliina has completed the extensive basic education in dancing at Raija Lehmussaari’s ballet school in Turku and has also increased her skills in ballet and contemporary dance with intensive courses and classes from various teachers, including star dancer Minna Tervamäki’s master classes in ballet and body maintenance.

As a dancer, Pauliina has worked on very different and diverse projects from theater to music videos, private events, and background dancing. Pauliina loves the classical repertoires of ballet, making of choreographies, dance creativity and freedom, beauty – and also roughness. To her, the most important things in dancing, especially in ballet, include the beautiful lines, lightness, precision, flow of movement, and that indescribable feeling that can only be achieved by dancing.