Elina Valtonen, our beloved visiting dance artist and teacher, will have her dance workshops at Flama on Saturday, the 23rd of October 2021. Her Reggaeton Workshop for beginners is held at 12:00–13:30 (90 min) and Reggaeton intermediate at 13:45–15:15.

Time: Saturday, the 23rd of October 2021 beginners at 12:00–13:30 (90 min) & intermediate at 13:45–15:15 (90min)

Place: Dance Studio Flama (Linnankatu 84, Turku)

Teacher: Elina Valtonen

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If you want to pay for the workshop with a sport or cultural benefit (Smartum, Tyky, Edenred, ePass, Eazybreak), please register for the course by sending an email to info@flama.fi.

Reggaeton is a genre of music and dance originating from Panama, Puerto Rico and Cuba and it is nowadays the most popular dance style in South and Mid America, especially among the youth. Reggaeton is characterized by strong dynamic fluctuations, polyrhythm and playing with isolation.
Elina has worked as a dance artist in ten different countries. Most recently, she worked for one and a half years in an Afro-Caribbean contemporary dance company in Canada. Alongside North America, she has also been able to tour the Caribbean. As a result, multiculturalism is one of the greatest sources of her inspiration and Elina loves holistic, sweaty and animal dance. Her passion is to combine Afro and Western body movements.
Elina is, in her own words, “passionate about sharing the liberating message of the dance that directs us towards the truth”.
More information: info@flama.fi