Unfortunately Anna had got fever, so her classes will be instructed by our other dance teachers on Thursday, the 25th of October. Bachata Ladies Style will be given by Mirka Saali and Reggaeton by Hanna Heinonen who will start teaching ConfiDance class from next Wednesday onward. The schedule on Thursday, the 25th of October, looks like this:

16:15–17:15 Bachata Ladies Style, beginners – given by Mirka
17:15–18:15 Dancehall Fusion, open level – Veera
18:15–19:15 Reggaeton, beginners – given by Hanna
18:15–19:15 Kids’ Class – Ida
19:15–20:15 Twerk Technique, open level – Meri
20:15–21:15 Flawless Diva, open level – Meri

See you tomorrow in the classes!