Matias Löyttyniemi’s Intensive Courses at Dance Studio Flama on Saturday, October 19!

Schedule on Saturday, the 19th of October
11:30–12:45 Solo Salsa con Rumba, intermediate 75 min
13:00–14:30 Couple Salsa con Rumba, intermediate 90 min
14:45–16:45 Couple Son, foundations (the class is suitable for those who have previous experience of couple salsa), 2 hours

Register for the workshops by purchasing those on our webshop:
– Solo Salsa con Rumba 15 €:
– Couple Salsa con Rumba 18 €:
– Couple Son 25 €:

You can register for the classes with or without your own pair. There will be continuous rotation of the partners in the class.

Matias is a popular dance teacher who emphasizes the joy of dance and musical interpretation. He has taught dancing over ten years in different dance studios around Finland. As a dance teacher, he wants to make sure that people get the idea and the right technique of dancing, because that is only when dancing can be enjoyed in full swing!

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