Our Autumn season starts with an introductory week from the 29th of August to the 4th of September when all our drop-in classes cost only 7 €/class! The classes are held at Linnankatu and at our new studio Flama Rauhankatu.

We are celebrating this new dance season with amazing offers: 
5 Times Card for 55 € (normally 60 €)
Anytime 1 Month for 99 € (normally 135 €)

The validity starts when you use the cards for the first time, not on the day of purchase.

You can purchase your cards from our webshop or at our studio. The offers are only valid until the 11th of September 2022!

There are still places for our courses as well. Sign up by purchasing the courses from our webshop or by sending an email to [email protected].

With Flama’s Autumn 2022 Anytime Card, you can get to the courses without additional fees.

You can find our whole autumn schedule here.

Today is the International Dance Day, and we want to celebrate it with a special offer: our Anytime 1 Month Pass costs now only 99 € (normally 135 €). The offer is valid throughout this weekend at our studio and on our webshop. The validity of the Anytime card starts when you use it for the first time and it can be used for any of our drop-in classes within 30 days.

You can purchase your Anytime 1 Month Pass from our webshop.

The offer is only valid until the 1st of May 2022!
Please note that there are no dance classes at our studio on May Day, the 1st of May. Instead, there will be a memorable May Day Afro-Latin Party, starting at 6 pm. You are warmly welcome to join us!
Flama’s May Day Party on Sunday, the 1st of May
Welcome to celebrate vappu and dance in a relaxed atmosphere with lovely people! The evening is filled with salsa, bachata, kizomba and semba rhythms and we will offer some mead and doughnuts!

What: Social dancing night (salsa, bachata, semba & kizomba)
When: on First of May 2022 at 18:00–22:30
Where: Dance Studio Flama, Linnankatu 84, 20100 Turku

Entrance fee: 10 € (card or cash)

Remember to take your dance shoes or other indoor shoes with you because the shoes used outdoors will be left in the lobby.

Dance Studio Flama is located next to Turku Castle at Linnankatu 84. Bus Line 1 (Market Square–Turku Harbor) will stop just in front of Flama at the bus stop called Satamakatu and the bus trip from market square to the dance studio takes around 10 minutes. Check the bus schedule at http://www.foli.fi/ to choose the right time to come. If you decide to come by your own car, there are free parking spaces behind the dance studio and other parking options nearby, such as chargeable parking lots or ones requiring a parking disk.

More information: [email protected]

We are celebrating the beginning of July with special offers for our 10 Times Cards. Now you can purchase your card just for the price of 80 euros (normally 90 euros)! The offer is only valid until Sunday, the 4th of July, so now it is a perfect time to buy punch cards either for yourself or as gifts for your loved ones. You can purchase the cards from our webshop.
The cards are valid for six months, starting from the first use (not from the date of purchase), so you can even buy an extra card for your upcoming autumn classes.
We will dance at Flama throughout July, so welcome to our classes even today!
Flaman joululahjaidea

Xmas is coming up!

Suprise with a gift that gives joy, energy and good feeling for a long time. Give yourself, your loved ones or friends Flama’s a wonderful and ecological dance gift cards as presents for this Xmas.

Flama’s Xmas Offers & Gift Ideas:

Attention! When ordering your gift card, please write the name of the recipient as an order note under “Additional information”. If you want us to send the gift card via post, please provide the shipping address as well. In this case, place your order on Wednesday, the 16th of December 2020 at the latest. Otherwise, you will receive the gift card when you get to the studio next time. 

In addition to dance cards, Flama products are amazing gift ideas. Purchase your own dance top, hoodie or cloth bag, or give them to your loved ones before the new dance season starts:

You can buy and collect your Flama clothes and bags at our studio within the opening hours or you can purchase them at our webshop. In that case, you will receive them when you come to our studio. Unfortunately, we do not ship any clothes or bags but they can only be collected at the studio.

The offers are valid until the 20th of December 2020.

Buy your dance gifts at our webshop or at our studio within the opening hours. The opening hours of our studio (Linnankatu 84) for the rest of December are the following:

         Thursday, December 3 at 16–20
         Friday, December 4–Sunday, December 6: closed
         Monday, December 7 at 16–20
         Tuesday, December 8 at 16–20
         Wednesday, December 9 at 16–20
         Thursday, December 10 at 16–20
         Friday, December 11–Sunday, December 13: closed
         Monday, December 14 at 16–21
         Tuesday, December 15 at 16–20
         Wednesday, December 16 at 16–21
         Thursday, December 17 at 16–21
         Friday, December 18–Sunday, December 20: closed
         Monday, December 21 at 16–19
         Tuesday, December 22 at 16–19
         Wednesday, December 23, 2020–January 1, 2021: closed

Get further information by sending us an email to [email protected].

At Flama, we offer a wide range of different dance styles as well as body maintenance. Check out Flama’s weekly schedule and class selection. Welcome to dance!

Support us by purchasing your dance punch cards in advance! Our 5 Times Card costs now only 45 € (normally 50 €) and 10 Times Card 85 € (normally 90 €). The validity of the punch card starts when you come to the studio and use the card for the first time (not when you buy the card), in other words when we can dance again.

Our Flama Hoodies (with a zipper or without a zipper) are also on sale for the price of 40 € (normally 45 €) as well as Flama dance tops with the price of 25 € (normally 29 €). Buy also Flama’s own cloth bag for 10 €.

The offers are valid until next week, Sunday the 29th of March. You will get all your purchases when you come to the studio. If you want us to send the dance tops or cloth bags to your home (shipping is included to the price), please let us know about it when ordering the products. Unfortunately, we do not ship the hoodies.

We hope that we will be able to enjoy dancing soon again. See you then!

Remember your loved ones, your partner, family members or friends, with a lovely and ecological dance gift that gives energy and great feeling for a longer time!

Flama’s Xmas Offers and Gift Ideas:

ATTENTION! When buying online, write the name of the recipient as “Tilauksen lisätiedot” in the comment section and also mention if you want us to post the gift card or the punch card. We can also send the gift card to your email as a PDF. If you want to receive the actual carton gift card or a punch card before Xmas, you need to order it before Wednesday, the 18th of December 2019.

You can purchase dance gifts easily online at our webshop or then at our studio within our opening hours. Our studio (Linnankatu 84) has the following opening hours in December:

  • until the 13th of December 2019: from Monday to Thursday between 4 pm and 8 pm, on Fridays between 4 pm and 7 pm and on Sundays between 2 pm and 7 pm
  • Monday, the 16th of December between 4:30 pm and 8 pm
  • Tuesday, the 17th of December between 4:30 pm and 8 pm
  • Wednesday, the 18th of December between 4:30 pm and 8 pm
  • On Friday, the 20th of December 4:30 pm and 7 pm

If you have any questions related to gift cards, please send us an email to [email protected]

Such a wonderful and sunny Turku Day, everyone! We are also celebrating here in Flama: you can get to our Salsa Solo class at 16:15–17:15 for the price of 5€ and our 5x punch cards cost only 40€ (normally 45€)! This special offer is valid both when purchasing at our studio and on our web shop but ONLY TODAY on Sunday, the 16th of September! Turku Day by dancing, see you soon!
You can find our punch card offer over here: https://flama.fi/en/product/5-times-card/
The schedule of the day is the following:
at 12:00–14:00 Beginners’ Couple Salsa Course – Anna (intensive course for 25€ / person
at 14:15–15:15 Adult Ballet, beginners – Marija
at 15:15–16:15 Salsa Ladies Style, intermediate – Anna
at 16:15–17:15 Salsa Solo, beginners – Anna (special price only 5€ / person)
at 17:15–18:15 Couple Salsa, beginners – Anna
at 18:15–19:15 Couple Salsa, intermediate – Anna

The beginning of Autumn is here and it calls for celebration. That is why Flama has special card offers until the 26th of August:

For new customers: 10 Times Card for the special price of 70€ (norm. 80€, the offer is valid until Sunday, the 26th of August)
For all customers: 5 weeks Anytime pass for the special price of 100€ (norm. 120€/month, the offer is valid until Sunday, the 26th of August)

Remember also: All classes only 5 €/h during the trial week from the 20th to 24th of August

You can purchase these cards either at our dance studio during its opening hours or anytime at our web shop. Be quick, because this offer is valid only until Sunday the 26th of August!

NB: The Punch Card offers is only for new customers.

Rembember to reserve your place to the classes through our reservation system: https://flama.fi/en/reservations/

Check the class descriptions and more info from our website: https://flama.fi/en/classes/

You are warmly welcome to come and dance in Flama! ♥

Start the Autumn by dancing! Dancing brings more strength, energy and joy to life!

During the first trial week from the 20th to 24th of August all classes cost only 5 euros per class!

You can reserve your place to the classes through our reservation system: https://flama.fi/en/reservations/

Check the class descriptions and more info from our website: https://flama.fi/en/classes/

If you have any questions about our classes email us: [email protected]

You can pay at the studio by card, cash or for example with Smartum-vouchers.

You are warmly welcome to come and dance in Flama! ♥

Flama will be filled with dance throughout the whole summer! We will dance with this new schedule between the 2nd of July and the 19th of August 2018. Our classes include inter alia Adult Ballet both for beginners and on the open level, Commercial Dance, Show Burlesque, Heels, Reggaeton, Salsa and Twerk. During the first two weeks in August, our twerk teacher Meri is on holiday, so our twerk classes are instructed by Emilia Söderholm. Flama’s Autum Season starts on Monday, the 20th of August 2018.

Thanks to this new schedule for the rest of the summer, we have an amazing offer for July here in Flama: dance as much as you want during the whole July for the price of 90 euros! July’s Anytime Card costs only 90 euros (normally 120 euros) and you can purchase this card at our studio or on our web shop. You can already reserve places for our classes in July and August, so please book in advance through our reservation system. This makes our job easier and we can take care of the class balance. Adopt a new habit and reserve your places to the classes for the rest of the summer. See you soon!