Have you participated in beginners’ couple salsa course before but you have had a longer break of dancing? Are your dance steps asking for a call and do you want to get some more confidence in the basics of couple salsa?

16.00–18.00 Rehearse the Basics of Couple Salsa (2h)

During this course, we will practice and rehearse the basics of couple salsa and the most common figures of Cuban salsa, such as di le que no, enchufla with all of its variations, setenta, sombrero and vacilala. So, this course will not start from the beginning but you should know the basics already. The course is suitable for those who have participated in the beginners’ couple salsa course organized in the spring, for example. Anna is always instructing in English when there are people who do not speak Finnish.

Place: Dance Studio Flama, Linnankatu 84 Price: 25 / 20 € (students, seniors)

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The principle of the class is to change the pair all the time, so that everyone gets to dance. However, if you want to dance only with your own pair, that is also possible. Just let the instructor know about this in the beginning of the course.

Attention! The places for the followers signing up without a partner have already been taken, but you can still sign up together with a leader. Leaders can sign up either alone or with a partner.

After the class it is good to get back to our salsa classes and salsa parties in autumn.

Welcome to have fun with couple salsa!