On Saturday, the 18th of July, we will have dancehall workshops with Anna Saarikivi at Dance Studio Flama!

Schedule for Saturday, July 18
11.00–12.30 Dancehall Queenstyle, technique (open level)
12.45–14.15 Dancehall Queenstyle, choreography (open level)

Register for the workshops by purchasing them at our webshop:
Dancehall Queenstyle, technique (open level), 18 €
Dancehall Queenstyle, choreography (open level), 18 €

If you want to pay for the workshop with Smartum, E-Pass or some other paying option, let us know about it in advance and sign up by sending an email to info@flama.fi. If you are part of Falla Flame Dance Group, sign up via email.

Anna is a dancer from Helsinki and she fell in love with dancehall ten years ago. Since 2011, she has regularly traveled to Jamaica to train and learn more and she has taught both weekly classes and Dancehall workshops since 2013.

More information about the classes: info@flama.fi.