Lovely Donna Suomi will come to Dance Studio Flama again in June, Afro House and Kuduro Intensive Course at on Sunday, the 9th of June!

12:00–13:15 Afro House / Kuduro (90 min) – beginners
13:30–14:45 Afro House / Kuduro (90 min) – open level (if you have previous dance experience)

You don’t need any prior experience of these dance forms in order to attend the classes.

Register for the course beforehand by sending an email to

1 class (75 min): 17 €
2 classes (2 x 75 min): 30 €

Kuduro is an energetic street dance developed in Angola in the 1980s and new movements arouse each day. Its fast tempo music combines traditional African percussions and more western type of house and techno elements. The dance comprises typically of fast movements of the feet and the dancing position definitely ensures a great butt and thigh workout. Also acrobatic movements are common in kuduro.

Afro House was born in 1990s in South Africa and nowadays it is danced all around the continent. In Afro House, several dance styles, such as bantsula, afrobeat and house, are combined. Afro House is danced differently in different parts of Africa and that is why there are several different styles to dance it, especially when some traditional dances are also often combined. Afro House is slower and more “restful” than Kuduro.

Donna Suomi is a dance teacher and instructor from Helsinki, and she can be called as Finland’s pioneer of Afro House/Kuduro. Donna has graduated from Haaga-Helia University Sport and Leisure management 2010 and she has been instructing regularly ever since. Donna is an ex-track and field athlete, and she was active in that sport for 11 years. Since 2006, she has been coaching in track and field and she started instructing dance in 2010. Her first touch on Kuduro and Afro House was in 2011 in Finland and in January 2016 Donna started to teach Kuduro and Afro House in weekly classes and workshops in Helsinki. Thanks to her long experience of instructing, Donna will find the way to teach the steps so that everyone can follow.