Matias Löyttyniemi’s couple salsa workshops on Saturday the 4th of December!

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Matias Löyttyniemi’s Couple Salsa Workshops of Rhythmics and Styling on Saturday the 4th of December!

Schedule for the 4th of December 2021:

13:00–14:30 Salsa Rhythmics, open level
There are easily a dozen instruments in Cuban salsa, but how to know when to start dancing to the music? This couple salsa workshop delves into the rhythm of salsa music, when dancing with a pair. Let’s look for the pulse of the dance from different instruments and understand the basic features of salsa music to make it easier to find its famous count number one in the future. This workshop is suitable for anyone who has danced couple salsa before!
Level: open level – suitable for anyone with the knowledge of social dancing and the basic movements of couple salsa. The workshop is also suitable for those who have already been dancing couple salsa longer but want to improve their connection with the music.
14:45–16:15 Couple Salsa Styling, intermediate, for those who have been dancing couple salsa actively at least for two years (for example dancers in Matias’ Couple Salsa 3 and Couple Salsa 4 courses)
This workshop delves into how you can style your own dancing when dancing couple salsa. Cuban salsa is a wonderful dialogue at its best, with ideas and jokes constantly flowing between dance partners. If there were no difficulties in dancing couple salsa with different partners, but something wonderful and sweet would be missing there, this workshop is just for you!

Place: Dance Studio Flama, Linnankatu 84, 20100 Turku

Sign up for the workshops by purchasing them from our webshop:
ATTENTION! There are still places for leaders and pairs but at the moment we are not able to take any followers signing up without their own dance partner. However, these followers can send us an email to [email protected] to be informed if there are any changes.

If you want to pay for the workshop with a sport or cultural benefit (Smartum, Tyky, Edenred, ePass, Eazybreak), please register for the workshop by sending an email to [email protected].

Teacher: Matias Löyttyniemi

Matias is a popular dance teacher who emphasizes the joy of dance and musical interpretation. He has taught dancing over ten years in different dance studios around Finland. As a dance teacher, he wants to make sure that people get the idea and the right technique of dancing, because that is only when dancing can be enjoyed in full swing!

More information and questions: [email protected]


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