Tänä vuonna perinteiset juhannustanssit vaihtuvat juhannustwerkiin! Ei haittaa vaikka taivaalta sataisi rakeita – keskikesän kuumuus löytyy varmasti Tanssistudio Flaman salista! Irrota siis hetkeksi otteesi saunavihdasta, vaihda mökkivaatteet twerkkiasuun tai karista festareiden tuoma väsymys harteiltasi ja suuntaa Flaman juhannustwerkkitunnille!

Sunnuntaina 23.6. pistetään pyllyt liikkeelle Flaman twerkmama Merin johdolla klo 17.00–18.30! Juhannusviikonlopun juhlintojen jälkeen on siis hyvä tulla twerkkaamaan sydämensä kyllyydestä!

Ilmoittaudu mukaan juhannustwerkiin: info@flama.fi!

Aika: 23.6.2019 klo 17–18.30 (1,5 h)
Taso: avoin, eli KAIKKI ovat tervetulleita
Hinta: 20 € (myös Flaman koko kesän anytime-kortilla pääsee ilman lisämaksua tälle tunnille!)

Nappaa mukaasi myös polvisuojat (esim. säärystimet polvien suojaksi) mukaan siltä varalta, että tunnin aikana tehdään liikkeitä myös lattialla. Tämän 90-minuuttisen jälkeen olet valmis ottamaan juhannuksen jälkeisen arjen kunnialla vastaan tai jatkamaan keskikesän juhlaa entistäkin letkeämmin lantein!

Huom! Twerk-tunnit on tarkoitettu yli 16-vuotiaille.

Due to a small amount of participants, Veera’s House class on Wednesdays from 18:15 to 19:15 will be replaced by Meri’s Beginners’ Twerk class from next week onwards, so already on Wednesday, the 26th of September. We apologize for any inconvenience. In other words, there will be four twerk classes a week until the end of the autumn season: on Mondays from 17:15–18:18 (beginners) and 18:15–19:15 (intermediate), on Wednesdays from 18:15–19:15 and on Thursdays from 19:15–20:15.The content of the beginners’ class on Monday and Wednesday is the same, so this assures that more people can enjoy twerk every week.

The classes are really popular, so please sign up for the classes in advance via our reservation system here.

A dance weekend full of feminine energy! Between the 9th and the 10th of June Dance studio Flama in Turku will be filled with friskiness and sensuality. Come to have fun by dancing!

Saturday, the 9th of June 2018
11:00–12:00 Salsa Ladies Style, beginners – Anna
12:00–13:00 Sexy Reggaeton, beginners – Anna
13:30–14:30 Kizomba Ladies Style, beginners – Ida K.
14:45–15:45 Bachata Ladies Style, beginners – Anna

Sunday, the 10th of June 2018
11:00–12:00 ConfiDance, open level – Hanna
12:00–13:00 Heels, intermediate – Pauliina
13:00–14:00 Flawless Diva, intermediate – Meri
14:30–15:30 Salsa Ladies Style, intermediate – Anna
15:30–16:30 Sensual Reggaeton, intermediate – Anna
16:30–17:30 Deep Stretching – Ida M.

SIGN UP for the classes in advance by sending an email to info@flama.fi.

1 workshop: 13 e
3 workshops: 35 e
4 workshops: 45 e
5 workshops: 50 e
7 workshops: 60 e

On Sunday, the 17th of June, Flama is all about twerk, thanks to two amazing twerk teachers, Meri Niemi and Silja Rautanen!


12:00–13:30 Bootylicious – twerk techniques, no choreo – Meri and Silja
13:45–14:45 Twerk Choreo – Silja
14:45–15:45 Twerk Choreo – Meri

Technique class (90 min): 20 €
Choreo classes (60 min): 15 €/h

Bring knee pads or leg warmers with you to the class to protect your knees.

Sign up for the classes by sending an email to info@flama.fi.

Bootylicious is a class filled with shaking, jiggle, thrusting and throwing the hip and bounce. The class concentrates on different techniques of booty shaking without any choreography. Full speed from the beginning to the end, great sweat guaranteed!

Silja has been dancing over 13 years, and most of that time she has spent with twerk. Twerk as her dance hobby started about seven years ago when she was part of the dance group coached by Meri. Nowadays Silja is coaching this same group and she also dances in two dance groups in Tampere. Her main dance styles are twerk and reggaeton.

As a dancer, Silja is goal-directed and ambitious, and she often participates in different teachers’ intensive courses. During her own classes, she wants to challenge people but the main thing in dancing is to have fun, sweat hard and learn something new.

Also in Twerk Finnish National Championships participated TwerkMama Meri is such an energy bomb whose classes are filled with laugh and humor – not forgetting hard workout.

Meri has been dancing different dance styles and in twerk she is fascinated by its physicality, roughness and challenging techniques. According to her, the best thing in twerk is that it allows one to do an extremely hard workout and simultaneously praise one’s own body. Meri thinks that it is amazing to see how people go beyond themselves and do something they could not even believed to be possible. Everyone can come to the class just the way they are, regardless of the size of the butt.


Twerk is an engaging and fun dance style that has gained great popularity around the world. Its moves can be easily taken to the dance floor and probably that is why it is a common dance style at the parties. During twerk classes, you will get diversely familiar with various techniques, such as shaking, jiggle, thrusting and throwing the hip and bounce as well as some floorwork. In the beginning of the class, we will have a warm-up, after which we will go through some basic movements. The rest of the class is reserved for the choreography. Twerk improves physical fitness comprehensively, especially back, thigh, buttock and abdominal muscles.

ATTENTION! Twerk classes are meant for over 15-year-olds.

Our twerk teacher Meri Niemi has got this serious flu, so she is not able to teach her classes next week. That is why we will have some changes tomorrow on Monday and most likely also next Thursday at TwerkOut! class from 18:15–19:15. This class will be exceptionally instructed by Emilia Söderholm.

Monday, the 12th of March:
18:15–19:15 Twerk, beginners instructed by Emilia Söderholm
19:15–20:15 Twerk, intermediate instructed by Emilia Söderholm
20:15–21:15 Flawless Diva instructed by Pauliina Latva

Our twerk instructor Meri got sick, so her Twerk Intermediate and Flawless Diva classes are unfortunately canceled for today. However, these classes will take place again next week, and we will have our Twerk Beginners class today from 6.15 pm to 7.15 pm. This time the class is instructed by our wonderful Emilia Söderholm.

All the rest of our Monday classes are held normally today, the 19th of February. Welcome to enjoy the joy of dancing with us in the following classes:

at 16.1517.15 Contemporary Dance (Maria)

at 17.1518.15 Adult Ballet (Ida)

at 18.1519.15 Twerk Beginners (Emilia)

Have a wonderful, sunny start of the week!